Thursday, March 01, 2012

My Recent Experience with Dell

Left a bad impression. I have ordered previously from the (2003-2004) and loved my laptop. It died in 2007 or 2009. So after receiving the tax refund and allocating several diilfferent things with the money, I decided I needed to replace my laptop and printer. I investigated options for about a month. I ordered a spiffy new laptop and printer yesterday even receiving confirmation of the order.

However, when I checked my e-mail this morning, I received a cancellation of the order from Dell. I called and literally after 2 1/2 hours on the phone, I did not end up with the original order, and they broke a promise of a cannon power shot camera that salesperson promised earlier during the conversation.

All of this hassle to be left unsatisfied because in 2007 someone attempted to order a computer on my account that was caught and cancelled by Dell at that point. I had no idea at all until an hour into this morning's many phone calls.

I will never buy another Dell computer again. This whole incident was handled improperly. Had they called me yesterday or even this morning prior to cancelling the order I would have been glad to get things straight. But instead I had to completely recorder on the phone and I didn't get the same deal. Then at one point the salesperson said I would receive a cannon sure shot but in the end he reneged on that saying the camera was only a deal for a couple of hours and that I missed it. Of course the deal disappeared because of the length of time on the phone.

I told him to be sure and document that I am left unsatisfied by the experience. The guy was nice and was only doing what he was allowed but I asked over and over to speak with a manager and not once did I receive a manager on the phone not one time even after speaking to the first 15 people. I am not kidding, I spoke with no less than 15 people in customer service, verifications, finally in sales.

Anyone work high up in Dell? Cause I am not happy. I am posting my displeasure on FB too. I may be small but if someome thinks twice before buying a Dell then I may have saved someone a hassle. I realize the attempted fraud wasn't Dell's fault but it wasn't mine either. I should have at the least received the original computer I ordered as I ordered it not less, and when making a promise of a camera, don't backout.


Vivian M said...

Maybe you should have cancelled the entire order. The sales person (if on commission) was not going to give up the sale.
Personally, I would write to the President or CEO of Dell and tell them the entire story. Usually their consumer affairs people have more power than even the sales mgmt and can accomodate you. I used to work in a major corporation (not Dell) so I know this from experience.
Give the higher ups a chance to do something about it (and write to the highest offices possible).
Dell Corporate Headquarters
Dell Inc.
One Dell Way Round Rock,
Texas 78682 United States

Here are some names to write to:

Michael S. Dell
Chairman of the Board,
Chief Executive Officer

Brad R. Anderson
Enterprise Solutions

Jeffrey W. Clarke
Vice Chairman and President,
Global Operations and
End User Computing Solutions

Good luck!

The Byrd's Nest said...

That is terrible Bev. It used to be that the customer was always right (not that the customer IS always right) and at least some effort was made to make them happy. But most places act like they don't care if they have your business or sad.