Tuesday, March 13, 2012

NOOK Tablet v. Kindle

I can now say with certaintity that the Kindle Fire is much better than the NOOK in everything except clarity of screen and external storage options. The Kindle will allow you to jump to web pages while one page is loading because the tabs are at the top of the screen. I have not seen that on the NOOK. There is an icon to tap to see all open windows but you have to wait for the one to open first. So for me, that slows down the surfing aspect of the internet.

Then Barnes and Noble does not have near the volumn of free apps Amazon does. For that matter there are not as many free books either. Plus, maybe I am just used to the Kindle, but NOOK and B&N is much more difficult to search and find specific things.

I am getting used to it and the reason I got one so soon after the Kindle was because the Kindle ended up in G's hands more often than mine and the size made it difficult to see. Also, it got stuck in horizontal mode and was running out of memory even though I didn't have a lot stored on there. Plus I thought I would like the extra storage option, but for now I don't need it. The computer, printer and NOOK (8gb) Tablet cost the same as the ipad 2 with printer and accessories. So I now have a carry with me tablet for internet usage away from home and a home computer system for everything at home.

I am still trying to formulate a plan for working from home for when this job assignment ends. Keep praying, I have a lot of negative self talk and doubt to overcome. It comes naturally to me, the self doubt and negative talk, not the ability to succeed.

I wasn't given anything for free for this review, this is my own opinion on my own purchases.

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Diana Guess said...

I have the same opinion about these two e-readers. I have a Kindle and my sister has a Nook. We've changed them between us, but I don't know... it's much easier to read on mine, maybe because I'm used to it. I love to get the eBooks from All you can books, a free site with hundreds of interesting and great titles.