Friday, March 30, 2012

Of Cousins and Camels

Before G left on spring break I suggested that we would go ride a camel at the zoo when she came home. She said, "But mama, camels are too big." I said, "Well, we will just sit and get a picture." Then G said, "But mama, their eyelashes!?" I asked, " What about their eyelashes?" She said, "They are SO long."

G really had a great time with her cousins such that G informed me that I was not allowed to touch her flip flops because her cousins had touched them and I would rub off their germs so therefore I was banned from touching the shoes.

She misses her cousins so much that I suggested she pray that they move closer to us to which she replied, "No, that would be too long." I asked how long would be long enough and she said, "About 4 weeks."

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