Saturday, March 24, 2012

On Their Way Home

First G had a great time and they are on their way home. They are taking 2 days so I won't see them until sometime tomorrow.
While they were in VA my parents bought G a new swimsuite because she had quite outgrown her other two, finally. She likes the short and shirt version due to her very modest nature and I think those are rather cute on her. This is the one they got for her. Of course I had looked at the red spot shop but couldn't find anything that actually covered anything for girls. I was rather disappointed. Why do children need thigh high and tinsy top bathing suits?

Yes I may be a prude but dad-gum, who wishes to see little girl parts while swimming? G actually prefers longer shorts but there it is.
The pink is the color of loathesomeness except that apparently G is growing out of her hatred for the color. It isn't totally embraced but she isn't quite as adverse to wearing it as she used to be.
So today I had to come to my parents to pick up their mail. While here I am going to watch Pride and Prejudice again on their big TV. I just finished Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. WOW, what a not expected ending!! If you haven't seen it is worth watching, but be aware there are some scenes not appropriate for children (I think of any age).
So can't wait for tomorrow to see my G. She however didn't want to leave but who does really? Vacations are like that, aren't they? If you are having a good time the coming home part always spoils it. I hope next week won't be the bugger I think I will be. At least I am praying not.
Not sure when this temp assignment will end. Last week was interesting. Two people in another department seem to want to sabotage any work on this and I would like to just be gone to another assigment closer to home if possible.
Okay so there is the week's update.

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Vivian M said...

Cute bathing suit! Kerri is the total opposite. Since she really needs as much exposure to the sun for her psoriasis, we let her wear the tiny bikinis (as long as they cover her where it counts).
Looking forward to hearing more about the vacation!