Saturday, March 17, 2012

Spring Break and Other Ramblings

G is on Spring Break officially as of yesterday afternoon but unofficially on Thursday. She is probably already playing with her cousins as I type. They made two stops to see aunts and uncles but primarily to see the dogs belonging to those aunts and uncles. I loaded G up with her usual stuff: DS, Leapster (yes still dearly loved), TV/DVD player, DVDs, games and the Fire with a book she must read this week for school (AR) the Magic Tree House Christmas in Camelot. Why are those books full price on the e-readers? If she had not needed it in order to test I would have gotten it in paperback for $4 including shipping. What's the deal?

Anywho, Thursday night I was extremely excited to be able to have the bed to myself and sleep soundly but at 10pm someone knocked on the door. UGH! and OMGoodness! all at once. Turned out to be the police because a neighbor had been broken into while they were out thank goodness. And yes I answered the door in my PJs which didn't make me nor the officer comfortable. I think they have no leads. I pretty much came home around 6:30 and stayed in the kitchen. Knowing the houses and families on my street the back of our houses are our havens which leaves the main street unguarded which makes it easy for someone to do something without anybody seeing. It is the way it is. I was struck by the fear realization that 1) I have no dog (which on Friday I was certainly glad of due to severe thunderstorms) and 2) my parents are gone. So I am most certainly living under lock and key and much prayer.

Thursday also was the Parent/Teacher conference. I thoroughly enjoyed hearing how well G is doing and how much she is coming out of her shell. Her teacher understands as one of her sons is a male version of G. G made straight As on the report card for which I am truly glad. I mentioned that I rag G when she brings home a B and the teacher said she didn't blame me because G is far more capable than Bs or lower. Now understand if G could not perform I would be happy with whatever the grades would be and I have expressed this to her. However, I also know my child and her abilities, she sometimes goes far to fast and misses due to silly mistakes rather than missing due to inability. Also, I do not punish her for Bs but I do rag on her a bit, usually ending with a "don't do that again, do your best and slow down." G does claim language is her most difficult subject but math is fun. I hope she keeps with the math is fun bit though I wish she would get that language is fun too.

So far today (Saturday) I have done laundry but not all of it even though there isn't much and watched Sense and Sensibility. Friday night I saw Act of Valor with a friend then had coffee, getting home rather late. Oh boy that was a great movie!! For squeamish people like myself, the first "act of valor" and the leading into it is quite gross. I almost lost it feeling rather sea sick. And the end of the movie ended as it should but not as I wished. If you haven't seen it, GO! see it now. The Navy Seals played themselves. Great casting if you ask me and because of that you truly felt that this was actually a real live recorded military action. So very cool. Be prepared to cry as well.

Anyway, I am waiting on my G to call or skype with me than I can go to bed!! Early to bed and a nap on Sunday? Can this Spring Break get any better? I rather think not.

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