Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Still a Bit Puny

but totally back at school. G was sick last night but not due to fever. She has the flu mucus, yippee! Anywho within 30 mins the puked 3 times. Thankfully it was only mucus not food. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate throw up? I am sure I have mentioned it some. But we made it and G was exhausted. She was crying pitifully because she hates to throw up as much as I hate throw up. I felt so badly for her. I ended up giving her some mucinex and then having her fall asleep on me while I was propped up on pillows. When the med kicked in I moved out from under her and she was fine until I had to wake her this morning. She is just really tired.

Mom and dad took her to the dentist for me and thank You Jesus, no cavities. This is only the 4th time she has been to the dentist (don't judge) and we are very careful about her teeth. At her first at home appt the dentist said if parents would brush the child's teeth once a day and the child brush once a day then most of the kunk won't be on there. G also flosses but not as regularly as I prod her to. So I brush G's teeth at night 99% of the time, but once a day every day at least. So no cavities.

About the grinding, this dentist said she would stop when all her teeth came in, yeah, right! Then about the crowding, won't do anything because the teeth are still moving and adjusting. Okay so my concerns were not addressed because the grinding? I hate almost as much as throw up!

On Friday she goes to the eye doctor and we will see if she has to have glasses. I don't think so but we will see.

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