Thursday, April 26, 2012

Productive Day

Just not job-wise.  I mowed the yard (have a headache from that), found some giant sunflower seeds to plant but I don't think they are as big as this one I grew several years ago.  That was 2009, G was just 5 years and my dad is about 6 ft tall.  I can't even remember where I got that package of seeds but only one grew out of it.  Then I cut it and didn't let it go to seed which meant I couldn't reproduce it the next year.  Oh well. 
The really big thing I did was get a new shower curtain and clean the bathtub because that was well past due.  My other curtain was ripping from the corner.  Tends to happen when they get to be over 3 years old.  I am surprised the cheap thing lasted that long, heh.
Made G's day today too by bringing home a friend (her mom had an errand to run) after school.  They are playing nicely so far in G's room. 

G received a belated bday gift from my brother of a million a package of little pet shop toys.  G has a village or maybe a small city of little pet shop and littlest pet shop because they can't get too small.  That seems to be a sustaining toy, one that is played with a million and three times.

That was a fun surprise for her too when she got home.  She asked me to video her opening it and the package happened to have two wrapped gifts.  After opening the first one it dawned on her that she would be required to write a thank you to which she protested by jumping up and down like a tantruming toddler until I reminded her she was on video.  She asked me not to share the video, heh.  Trust me it was all for show no real tears.  Goofy kid. 

I got her room ready for her to sleep in last night and she said with a straight face too, "I was thinking about that today and I think I will most definitely sleep in my room all next week.  I PROMISE!"

Maybe it is just me and I am not adjusted to this new blogger interface but I don't think I like it at all.  Maybe it will grow on me.  Who knows.

I am making rosemary potatos because my rosemary bush from last year's bag garden is huge and I was craving them.  My house smells so very tasty which is a wonderful change from the usual.  That is all I have on the menu though so far.  So off to ponder the rest of the meal.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Darned if you do, darned

Well, you know the rest.  Trying to be productive and not just sitting on my arse on the internet I missed a temp assignment for the next 5 days.  E-mail came through at 3:15pm for 3 people starting tomorrow and to contact the temp agency.  I checked my e-mail at 4:57pm.  Yea, pretty sure that job is gone! 

During that time I was finsihing up laundry, making dirty rice for G's lunch for the next couple of days and cleaning out G's clothes to take to the good will.  I also made pizza for supper and picked up around the kitchen that desparately needed attention. 

Before that e-mail came I had gone to have lunch with G because she asked as we walked home yesterday if I could come eat lunch with her today.  We had a pic nic at the school yard in the wind!  It was fun.

Maybe for the best to lose out on this job.  This Friday night G is having her "official" party with a friend (friend was busy last weekend).  All G wants to do is go paint a piece of pottery and get a GiGi's cupcake like last year.  So friend is going to spend the night Friday night and we will head off for cupcakes and pottery.  At least on Friday night I won't have to work late so I can pick the girls up from school and deal with them instead of my parents being stuck with having to entertain them.

I am bringing movies out to watch and that is all for that. I think I am going to get pizzas for the girls, 1 each and maybe make brownies or something. Other than that we aren't doing much else.  G is missing the birthday party of a little friend whose birthday is 2 days earlier than G's.  Apparently, this little girl was busy on her birthday weekend too.

I have to remain positive and not positive as in "I am positive I am headed for the welfare rolls" but positive that somthing will work out.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Now I Can Tell You a Story...

...that has its beginning at about age 4 (don't worry I won't cover all ground from 4 to 41).  This is more about my legacy within my own family. 

When I was 4 my mother bought my dad a shaving cream dispenser that gave hot shaving cream to him.  I apparently was with her when she bought it as were my two older sibs.  I was instructed heavily not to tell him.  So I didn't tell him per se, I just gave him a hint to guess what we got him buy saying, "When you push a button, hot shaving cream comes out." 

Fast forward to Sunday, April 22.  My older sibs, or rather one attempted to call me Saturday (21st) but I didn't get in touch with him until very late.  G told me what he wanted though because she was there when he called mom.  See my dad is turning 70 soon.  My sibs wish to get him a very nice technological gift and apparently they thought I had this item as well.  I don't though I did look into getting one before landed on the current laptop I have now. 

So Sunday morning I texted Grammie (my mom) that we were up and she could call to sing Happy Birthday to G.  After that conversation ended I took the phone and started talking about the gift for my dad and all the pros-cons I could see because my mom is in on it too.  Well, I took a breath and mom says, "By the way you are on speaker phone." 

Stunned into silence that seemed to last a year, I finally said, "Why didn't you tell me?"  She said, "Because I couldn't get a word in." 
I said, "Why am I on speaker phone?" She said, "Dad fixed it so we could sing to G." 
I said, "Why did you not turn it off?"  She said, "I didn't know how."

So there you go, my legacy with my siblings is that I ruin the surprises they plan for my dad even years after the first time.

Oh well, it will give him some time to get used to the idea.  It isn't like he will like it for another month after he receives it anyway.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Birthday Girl

In case you can't tell and you probably can't, the blur is a Lego Bible. She has wanted one since we sent one to her cousin at spring break. She started reading it in the car on the way home. She got to the part where God rested on the 7th day and the picture is of "God" lying in a hammock with a pic nic basket.

She said, "Mama, these weren't invented then were they?" I said that the point was to show God resting but that know he probably didn't have a hammock and pic nic.

Then she said, "He probably just rested on a rock." I said or maybe his throne to which she replied, "No His throne is for business."

Opening her singing birthday card from me.

Yes we do make you make your own birthday cake, why do you ask? G loved her icing because ultimately isn't that all it is about?

Last picture taken at the age of 7. She received a "secret book" from the cousins she visited over spring break. It came with two keys and I said one was for me and one was for her, heh. We will just see about secret book. It was taken by my cell phone thus the poor quality.

First picture taken as an official 8 year old. I asked her when she woke up if she felt different and she agreed that she did.

It turned out to be a lego birthday. She wanted to go home and play her new lego DS game and then not an hour later when I was deep in a nap she started crying for her grammie and grandad so we had to skype with them. They agreed to come get her for church tonight.  We live 15 minutes south from them.

We also took mini cupcakes to her Sunday School class to celebrate before the official birthday party.

Friday, April 20, 2012

G's Birthday Is Soon

Very soon, like Sunday!  Like my baby girl will be 8 years old.  Like where did the baby go?  Like I don't even have time to truly reflect on it because I didn't ever want to see it come.  I blinked and that 15 month old is turning 8.  GAH! 8, such a big number. 

So our big plans are making cupcakes at Grammie's house and opening presents from me and my parents!  She has one present from her cousins she saw over spring break that she hasn't been allowed to open and believe it or not she has not even touched it.  She even got  mad at me for guessing about it.  That girl has some serious control!

Then next Saturday I am taking a friend of hers with her to paint pottery.  Yes I planned this (cheaply) when I had consistent income.  I don't have that now.  I may have to snag my mom along to help.  UGH!

Still though I can't believe it.  She told me that her birthday was announced over the intercom at school which is a big deal apparently.  In Kindergarten and 1st grade they had a morning assembly and all the kids sang to the birthday kids who got to stand in the center ring with a birthday ribbon.  2nd and 3rd grade are apparently too grown for all that singin' mess.  ;}

G has been staying with my parents while I am working late but I get her back so I can be the first to sing happy birthday to her on Sunday morning.  We are going to try to get donut holes for her Sunday School class.  If I can remember to do so that is.

8, eight, nope just can't believe it!

Anybody Needing to Make an Easy Buck?

This assignment is with a company that does research. They are currently recruiting for candy focus group of 16- 23 year olds available on 4/25 and 4/26 after school in my area. The pay is $75. If someone reads this and thinks they are near enough to me to be interested leave me a comment with e-mail and I will send you the info.

I am signing up to join focus groups as well and getting my parents to sign up as well. This week folks have been trying frozen side dishes I think (smells good I know that) for $60 an hour. How easy right?

There will be more specific criteria to be chosen but I don't know what that all is. In most cities (larger cities) there are research companies to do focus groups like these. Always good for extra cash with very little effort you know?

Day Two

Of this 4 day assignment. It was so cold in that room yesterday. My hands were turning blue. So today I am taking a wrap. And we have a 30 min lunch which guarantees us an 8 hour day. YEA! I am good with that. Yesterday it meant leaving 30 mins early because neither I nor the other girl wanted a break during our time there.

It isn't difficult but it is busy. G called and I couldn't talk to her because I was getting lost in the survey having to start over. I called her back while I was driving home and she was already in bed. Oh well.

I work today, tomorrow and Monday and then there is nothing! We are living on a prayer right now.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Still Looking

I had a phone interview this morning but the position is part time 4 days a week with mileage reimbursement. I also have zip experience and it pays not very much. If I had a spouse that worked full time then this would be great. I don't so it isn't.

And I really need to focus on one thing or another and not be a jack of all trades. I was working through code academy but got stuck and am seemingly out of my league. Oh well.

For some reason I am having a difficult time making my french pressed coffee taste good. Maybe I am too tired to actually make it in the morning. Yes, yes, I know - first world problem!

G is staying with my parents tonight and tomorrow night so I can do this assignment. Her birthday is Sunday and she is counting down the days. She has a little friend in class who is 3 days older than G. We will celebrate G's bday with a friend next Saturday and with my parents on Sunday.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Random Pictures of Rodeo and School Field Trip

G getting busy on the important part of the rodeo-cottoncandy!

G touching a blue tongued skink.
I went with G's class to a field trip today. It was a cold day but that is fine since it kept some of the more squiggly bits of nature at bay, heh. The guides did hold a snake for the kids to touch as well as a skink and a turtle. It was informative, educational and short. We were done by 1pm, yea!
Then we headed to the grocery store getting more than I intended but stuff we needed and then home. When I got home to check e-mail I had an e-mail from the last assignment's boss (which was wierd) and wondered how he got my e-mail. I am rather protective of it. I called him back thinking maybe one of the other girls rejected the job and I would get it anyway but no. He hasn't actually called back, I left a message.
I e-mailed one of the girls who had offered her e-mail to me and I gave mine as well, turns out she gave him my e-mail because he was so upset that he had to let me go (assignment ended you know?) and he wanted to thank me for my service to the company. Whatev..., and I say that because he came by twice yesterday while I was there and I left a few minutes before 5 because I arrived a few minutes before 8. Why stay? My work was done and I knew I wouldn't be there today. So his excuse about not seeing me before I left falls slightly flat. So maybe he won't call back, I hope.
I would temp there again for the right price. I also received an e-mail to set up a phone interview with a part time job (I applied for on line) around here. Several down sides to it but maybe the upsides will outweigh. I will know more Thursday morning after the interview. I start the new assignment on Thursday as well but it is $4.50 per hour less than the one I finished and the drive distance is the same and it is only for 4 days. Plus the hours are a bit wonky. G will have to spend the end of the week with Grammie which is kind of sad since her bday is Sunday and I have to work Saturday night. The upside is that G gets to sleep to 7am in the morning now instead of me waking her at 6am.
When we came home G had to work on a project so she made her little friend a book about their zoo trip out of those foam things.

Monday, April 16, 2012

This is why I have to move on with no pity by not getting the position and not having a job. I have G who is healthy, parents near by willing to help, food in the house and a Savior Who loves me, hasn't forgotten me and gives me new mercies every morning.

So like I said, moving on...

Well, Back in the Ranks of the Unemployed

I didn't get the position. So I start a much less advantageous temp spot on Thursday that ends on Monday. It is something, right?

Tomorrow I am going with G's class on a field trip and then Wed will be looking for a job!

So I have had my pity party already and just need to move on!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Every Girl Needs a Pair of Cowboy Boots

G's grandmother bought her a pair of red boots today so we can go to the rodeo. They are really nice too. G had outgrown her last very nice pair (the brown ones) at the end of last year.
So I am selling the brown pair which the camera picture doesn't do justice to. They are leather uppers worn one season and only size 13.
I am asking $30 for them including shipping. The brand is Out West and they were purchased at a boot barn in Collierville, TN. So if anyone is interested please let me know. I will poslish them up and send them on their way. I will limit to US and possibly Canada.
Anyway, I will post some video of our rodeo trip tomorrow. G has been ready to go since she woke up this morning.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Trying to Get a Serious Pose

I tried Easter morning to get a serious picture of G in her Easter short set. I gave up on dresses years ago, literally. Either her smile was faked or she got really tickled. Her hair has gotten so long and she only likes to wear it down with the front out of her eyes.

The peonies are blooming and gorgeous. The irises finally bloomed for the second time. They are a beautiful purple.

Anyway this is my gorgeously funny G whom I love with all my heart!

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Christ is Risen!
He is Risen Indeed!
Happy Easter Everybody!

Saturday, April 07, 2012

G Didn't Make It

But that is okay. She had to come home at 12:30am because she couldn't go to sleep and was a bit homesick. So that is absolutely fine by me. We are both very tired today however and headed to the zoo with this little friend. G was a bit whiny and wanted to do everything first and argue with me. Oh well, I think she was over being at the zoo by the time we left.
We all three rode separate camels because someone (I am not mentioning names but G ) was going to melt down over not being able to ride on the front of the camel if the three of us rode together. The workers were really nice about it though. And I learned that all of these camels were bred here in America. Apparently due to mouth rot camels have not been imported since 1940. So I guess it wasn't quite the once in a life time experience I imagined. Oh and they are most uncomfortable to ride. But the guy leading the rope was very knowledgeable and told me stuff that I couldn't actually hear but he was friendly nonetheless.

Friday, April 06, 2012

How My Morning Started

At 3:35am the train whistle interrupted my dream such that I thought it was my alarm so I jumped out of bed. When I figured out that it wasn't time to get up and it wasn't Saturday but Friday, I went to potty then back to bed. Then at 5:30am the normal work day wake up time when G is home went off. That wouldn't have been so bad except that G wasn't home and I thought I had turned that alarm off. Even that wouldn't have been so bad had I not only not turned it off but I turned it on buzz when normally it is on radio. Next I checked the alarm that was set to go off at 6am only to discover I had set it for 6pm. After fixing that I fell asleep for another 30 mins and then got up for the day.

In the kitchen things were still a bit "off." I turned on the stove only to later discover it wasn't the burner I wanted but the one with the empty frying pan on it, oops. I fixed that and got the kettle boiling, set my French press up for coffee and poured my Cheerios getting ready to eat. I hadn't yet poured the milk on the cereal when the kettle started to whistle so I picked it up and poured boiling hot water on my cereal. It took me a second or two to figure out what was wrong with that picture when I finally stopped pouring the water on the cereal and directed it to the French pot. By this time my "off" morning had won and I gave up the fight. I poured that watery bowl of cereal down the drain and ate my sausage pattie that I had initially turned the wrong burner on for. But the patti itself was a wee bit pinkish in the middle, yum (not).

I decided to just go to work and eat pistachios for breakfast because that is a really tasty breakfast when the real deal was ruined.

I am beginning to be a leeeetttle bit worried about me and my lack of functionability (is that a word?);O}

Tonight I picked G up from my parents and she was a bit "off" as well. But a phone call saved the day and her derriere by a friend inviting her to spend the night. I hate being caught off guard. It is the same little friend we are going to the zoo with tomorrow so I hope they aren't too sick of each other by tomorrow. My little sensitive shy child will hold her emotions and unload on me later. I suppose that is okay since I am mom and she realizes she does it because she doesn't want to be embarrassed but I really dislike being unloaded upon. And yes those were several run on sentences without proper punctuation because I am about to go to bed and am very tired.

I applied for one of the two full time positions today. If I don't get one of them I will be unemployed on Friday. Please pray for a miracle because at this rate I truly need one.

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

The Middle of Achievement Tests

G's school is in the middle of the Iowa achievement tests. She is a wee bit stressed. The school has made a really big deal over it by practicing how to take tests like these for two weeks now. They have a dress code for each day even. Well at least a dress color for every day. The kids can earn tickets for good behavior for a snack after the test and prizes from a drawing that is also based on good behavior. It is drilled into the kids' heads that they cannot be late for school. G is very stressed out about that part.

Her birthday is coming up in about 3 weeks. She is very excited about that too. I am not so much. First, she is going to be 8, when did that happen? How did she go from a cute 15 month old to 8 in the blink of an eye? So we have plans sort of with the same little friend she shared her bday with last time.

Hopefully if all goes well this Saturday we will take another friend of hers to the zoo and finally get to ride the long eyelash camels. Yes, well, we will see how that goes. There will be a picnic on the grounds for the three of us and I am already starting to feel like the tired old pack mule.

Other than those things, this Holy Week has been less than eventful. Simply dwelling on what the cost is for God to accept us and reconcile Himself to us is humbling and that is a deep understatement.

So off and on to other things today, countdown on joblessness is roughly 1 1/2 weeks away.

Monday, April 02, 2012

A new Nook

A friend fixed my nook to run more like the Fire. Love it so far. Hope I can learn how to use it.

G has testing this week in school. The Iowa test starts tomorrow.

Still not sure about the job situation. I know this assignment ends in two weeks. After that I don't know what I will do.