Sunday, April 22, 2012

Birthday Girl

In case you can't tell and you probably can't, the blur is a Lego Bible. She has wanted one since we sent one to her cousin at spring break. She started reading it in the car on the way home. She got to the part where God rested on the 7th day and the picture is of "God" lying in a hammock with a pic nic basket.

She said, "Mama, these weren't invented then were they?" I said that the point was to show God resting but that know he probably didn't have a hammock and pic nic.

Then she said, "He probably just rested on a rock." I said or maybe his throne to which she replied, "No His throne is for business."

Opening her singing birthday card from me.

Yes we do make you make your own birthday cake, why do you ask? G loved her icing because ultimately isn't that all it is about?

Last picture taken at the age of 7. She received a "secret book" from the cousins she visited over spring break. It came with two keys and I said one was for me and one was for her, heh. We will just see about secret book. It was taken by my cell phone thus the poor quality.

First picture taken as an official 8 year old. I asked her when she woke up if she felt different and she agreed that she did.

It turned out to be a lego birthday. She wanted to go home and play her new lego DS game and then not an hour later when I was deep in a nap she started crying for her grammie and grandad so we had to skype with them. They agreed to come get her for church tonight.  We live 15 minutes south from them.

We also took mini cupcakes to her Sunday School class to celebrate before the official birthday party.


jennifer said...

Happy Birthday sweet G. I hope this year is a good one!

Catching Butterflies 3 said...

my kids love lego too. She sure is beautiful! Happy birthday!

Vivian M said...

Happy birthday to the beautiful Miss G!!! Your cake looks delicious!