Saturday, April 07, 2012

G Didn't Make It

But that is okay. She had to come home at 12:30am because she couldn't go to sleep and was a bit homesick. So that is absolutely fine by me. We are both very tired today however and headed to the zoo with this little friend. G was a bit whiny and wanted to do everything first and argue with me. Oh well, I think she was over being at the zoo by the time we left.
We all three rode separate camels because someone (I am not mentioning names but G ) was going to melt down over not being able to ride on the front of the camel if the three of us rode together. The workers were really nice about it though. And I learned that all of these camels were bred here in America. Apparently due to mouth rot camels have not been imported since 1940. So I guess it wasn't quite the once in a life time experience I imagined. Oh and they are most uncomfortable to ride. But the guy leading the rope was very knowledgeable and told me stuff that I couldn't actually hear but he was friendly nonetheless.

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That looks interesting!