Friday, April 20, 2012

G's Birthday Is Soon

Very soon, like Sunday!  Like my baby girl will be 8 years old.  Like where did the baby go?  Like I don't even have time to truly reflect on it because I didn't ever want to see it come.  I blinked and that 15 month old is turning 8.  GAH! 8, such a big number. 

So our big plans are making cupcakes at Grammie's house and opening presents from me and my parents!  She has one present from her cousins she saw over spring break that she hasn't been allowed to open and believe it or not she has not even touched it.  She even got  mad at me for guessing about it.  That girl has some serious control!

Then next Saturday I am taking a friend of hers with her to paint pottery.  Yes I planned this (cheaply) when I had consistent income.  I don't have that now.  I may have to snag my mom along to help.  UGH!

Still though I can't believe it.  She told me that her birthday was announced over the intercom at school which is a big deal apparently.  In Kindergarten and 1st grade they had a morning assembly and all the kids sang to the birthday kids who got to stand in the center ring with a birthday ribbon.  2nd and 3rd grade are apparently too grown for all that singin' mess.  ;}

G has been staying with my parents while I am working late but I get her back so I can be the first to sing happy birthday to her on Sunday morning.  We are going to try to get donut holes for her Sunday School class.  If I can remember to do so that is.

8, eight, nope just can't believe it!


The Byrd's Nest said...

8 does seem like a big number. My girls will be 8 this year too. I am in serious denial...they don't even seem like 8 year olds to me!!!! Happy Birthday to sweet G!!!!!

Briana's Mom said...

How is the world is she 8 years old?! Time sure flies! Happy Birthday to your sweet girl!

Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday, G!! Hope its a great one. Hold on 'cause you will blink & she will be 12...and in middle school! Trust me, it happens fast!