Wednesday, April 04, 2012

The Middle of Achievement Tests

G's school is in the middle of the Iowa achievement tests. She is a wee bit stressed. The school has made a really big deal over it by practicing how to take tests like these for two weeks now. They have a dress code for each day even. Well at least a dress color for every day. The kids can earn tickets for good behavior for a snack after the test and prizes from a drawing that is also based on good behavior. It is drilled into the kids' heads that they cannot be late for school. G is very stressed out about that part.

Her birthday is coming up in about 3 weeks. She is very excited about that too. I am not so much. First, she is going to be 8, when did that happen? How did she go from a cute 15 month old to 8 in the blink of an eye? So we have plans sort of with the same little friend she shared her bday with last time.

Hopefully if all goes well this Saturday we will take another friend of hers to the zoo and finally get to ride the long eyelash camels. Yes, well, we will see how that goes. There will be a picnic on the grounds for the three of us and I am already starting to feel like the tired old pack mule.

Other than those things, this Holy Week has been less than eventful. Simply dwelling on what the cost is for God to accept us and reconcile Himself to us is humbling and that is a deep understatement.

So off and on to other things today, countdown on joblessness is roughly 1 1/2 weeks away.


The Byrd's Nest said...

Why do they do this to the younger children? Lottie would be right there with G...all stressed out. That would just set the tone for her for testing for life! Praying for G...have a great Easter weekend my friend!!

Vivian M said...

Praying for you both. Hope Miss G does well on her tests. And I hope you find work soon!