Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Now I Can Tell You a Story...

...that has its beginning at about age 4 (don't worry I won't cover all ground from 4 to 41).  This is more about my legacy within my own family. 

When I was 4 my mother bought my dad a shaving cream dispenser that gave hot shaving cream to him.  I apparently was with her when she bought it as were my two older sibs.  I was instructed heavily not to tell him.  So I didn't tell him per se, I just gave him a hint to guess what we got him buy saying, "When you push a button, hot shaving cream comes out." 

Fast forward to Sunday, April 22.  My older sibs, or rather one attempted to call me Saturday (21st) but I didn't get in touch with him until very late.  G told me what he wanted though because she was there when he called mom.  See my dad is turning 70 soon.  My sibs wish to get him a very nice technological gift and apparently they thought I had this item as well.  I don't though I did look into getting one before landed on the current laptop I have now. 

So Sunday morning I texted Grammie (my mom) that we were up and she could call to sing Happy Birthday to G.  After that conversation ended I took the phone and started talking about the gift for my dad and all the pros-cons I could see because my mom is in on it too.  Well, I took a breath and mom says, "By the way you are on speaker phone." 

Stunned into silence that seemed to last a year, I finally said, "Why didn't you tell me?"  She said, "Because I couldn't get a word in." 
I said, "Why am I on speaker phone?" She said, "Dad fixed it so we could sing to G." 
I said, "Why did you not turn it off?"  She said, "I didn't know how."

So there you go, my legacy with my siblings is that I ruin the surprises they plan for my dad even years after the first time.

Oh well, it will give him some time to get used to the idea.  It isn't like he will like it for another month after he receives it anyway.

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