Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Random Pictures of Rodeo and School Field Trip

G getting busy on the important part of the rodeo-cottoncandy!

G touching a blue tongued skink.
I went with G's class to a field trip today. It was a cold day but that is fine since it kept some of the more squiggly bits of nature at bay, heh. The guides did hold a snake for the kids to touch as well as a skink and a turtle. It was informative, educational and short. We were done by 1pm, yea!
Then we headed to the grocery store getting more than I intended but stuff we needed and then home. When I got home to check e-mail I had an e-mail from the last assignment's boss (which was wierd) and wondered how he got my e-mail. I am rather protective of it. I called him back thinking maybe one of the other girls rejected the job and I would get it anyway but no. He hasn't actually called back, I left a message.
I e-mailed one of the girls who had offered her e-mail to me and I gave mine as well, turns out she gave him my e-mail because he was so upset that he had to let me go (assignment ended you know?) and he wanted to thank me for my service to the company. Whatev..., and I say that because he came by twice yesterday while I was there and I left a few minutes before 5 because I arrived a few minutes before 8. Why stay? My work was done and I knew I wouldn't be there today. So his excuse about not seeing me before I left falls slightly flat. So maybe he won't call back, I hope.
I would temp there again for the right price. I also received an e-mail to set up a phone interview with a part time job (I applied for on line) around here. Several down sides to it but maybe the upsides will outweigh. I will know more Thursday morning after the interview. I start the new assignment on Thursday as well but it is $4.50 per hour less than the one I finished and the drive distance is the same and it is only for 4 days. Plus the hours are a bit wonky. G will have to spend the end of the week with Grammie which is kind of sad since her bday is Sunday and I have to work Saturday night. The upside is that G gets to sleep to 7am in the morning now instead of me waking her at 6am.
When we came home G had to work on a project so she made her little friend a book about their zoo trip out of those foam things.

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