Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Three Names of Me

A long time ago, or within the last 7 years I came across this book. I bought it to save for just the right anniversary, so yesterday I gave it to G yesterday for referral day. We read it last night. G said it was different for her because she wasn't from Zhejiang like the character, Ada, in the book and that Ada had a DAD and a mom not just a mom. Oh and that Ada has a goldfish and we have cats. Have I mentioned that G is literal and relates literally?

I really liked this book. This "Ada" explains all of her names even the one she doesn't remember that was spoken to her heart by her China parents. G really wants to know what that is because she is a literal child and doesn't yet understand allusions or ideas like a lost name given by parents who could no longer parent.

Ada talks about her being a Chinese girl and an American girl and those things are different but make her who she is. Also she talks about noticing how people stare at her when she is out with her family. This book treated some of the big things delicately and openly. I think it is a really good resource for adoptive families.

There is a section of the book that "Ada" shares her personal journal and one of the pages is of things she would like to know or see and most relate to China like meeting the ones who took care of her or seeing the Temple of Heaven etc.

So I asked G if she met her China parents what would she ask them. G is a very private person and it very much shows in her reserve around people. She is also extremely modest even though she is at that age where body parts (everyone's) are so funny and fascinating and she wants to see, talk about, and touch which makes her kind of a cunundrum.

So when I asked her the question about what to ask her first mama, she said she wouldn't be able to talk to them because she doesn't speak Chinese. I told her she would have a translator. Then she took her big 2 ft care bear and laid it on top of her where I couldn't see her face. I have noticed that she hides her face when we talk about her beginnings in China but she shows an excited embarrassment in her voice and expressions.

She asked me what I would say and I told her that I would tell them how sorry I was they were not able to raise her, what a smart girl she is and what a joy it is to be her mom. I would tell them about her growing up here and about her house and life here.

She said she would tell them her favorite color is green because they might think it was red since red is important to China. Then she said she would want to know if there were other children and asked me if I thought her China mom gave her a name. I said she may have or she may have called her "baby." She said she would ask her if she gave her a name.

Then she asked me if I thought she had any brothers or sisters, and I said that we of course don't know but that G could be the oldest or the youngest. She asked if I thought the China mom was a Christian and I said I didn't know but that we would pray that Jesus would find her and bring her to Himself.

Then at some point G got really quiet and I heard her sleeping breath. She had fallen peacefully asleep under that bear.

I had to read the book first to make sure there was nothing that would make me cry while reading it to her. Yes it can be a tear jerker and maybe one day it will register to G that she does have a 3rd name and that only that one person (maybe family) knows it. I told her that God knew it though and He prepared her for this journey in life and that He was and will be always with her.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Two Days With G and an Anniversary

Yesterday was awards day at G's school. The beads represented levels of AR reading. She had over 100 points so she was in the 25, 50 and 100 point club which for her represents roughly over 100 books read from grade level kindergarten through 4.3 (fourth grade 3rd month). I am very proud of her. She even received a perfect attendance for the last nine weeks. She missed the whole year by 1 fever illness.

Her school throws a good behavior party which is as it says, for good behavior you are well rewarded. This was a water party. The fire trucks came with several hoses and at the end of the games all kids where herded sent to the center of the play ground and sprayed. Pretty amazing what with all the squeals of delight and cold, heh. And no I didn't participate 'cause I had the camera. Even the teachers were wet.

The firefighters had as much fun as the kids with one on the top of the truck in a water fight with three on the ground. Tomorrow is the last day and she is a 3rd grader officially.

I didn't make her stay the rest of the day though. She assured me that she would stay tomorrow all day. Tomorrow is the last day as if the school really wants them there tomorrow.

And today is the 7th anniversary of "the call." I told G that and she responded with "So?!" The sentimentality, it kills me!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I Voted Today

In the democrat primary for John Wolfe for pres against Obama. I felt so good voting. I didn't know I could vote in the dem primary as a registered republican. Any way it is my wish to join and offer my disapproving voice to this administration.

Monday, May 21, 2012

At Last Night's Badge Ceremony

Instead of girl scouts my mother's church has GAs. Very good program in the Southern Baptist Churches. These girls did an awesome job raising money for missions, water projects, and for the children's home ($3000 in a pancake breakfast alone) this year. G has been a part of this for 2 years now (1st-5th is the age range) and truly loves being included. She is very proud of her badges as well. She will get to keep her sash when she "graduates" in 5th grade. My parents and I are also very proud of her and enjoyed watching her receive her sash with the badges. Some of the girls participated with speaking lines. G won't be one of those due to her own shyness though she said she participated by sitting on stage with the rest of the girls as they did their program. I told her she was the "best sitter up on stage!" A little mocking of the shyness here and there never hurt me, heh.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pro-Actively I Headed to College

Not to acquire another degree but to apply for a position, any position. I walked in with a completed application, resume and college transcripts. I did not write a letter as I thought in person might be best. Anywho, I have to now write a letter but that is another story.

I spoke to someone and just told her I didn't have an appointment but wished to speak with Mrs. HR (name withheld). I explained that sometimes my resume keeps people from actually looking at me for positions because they feel I would be over qualified or not want the pay. So Mrs. HR agreed to see me.

The first thing I told her was that my degree is a Master's in Counseling and Personnel Services and she said (half jokingly), "So you aren't taking my job." Yea, that kind of floored me for a sec. She at least recognized my reserved nature. I have to always be upfront about that or else people mis-judge and accuse me of being standoffish or snobbish.

I have applied for 2 positions and neither pay well but would be reasonably what I made last year on temp work and without the distant drives. I told her that I really wanted to work and that it was suggested to me to come talk to her in person to let her know of my interest.

She allowed me to test in Word (not my strongest), typing test, and Excel (blow the average out of the water). I scored a 77% on Word (average is 71%, I type 70 words a minute perfectly (71 with 1 error) which was a surprise to me, and I scored 96 or 94% on Excel (average is 66%). So WHOOT for me. Although the complaint on the word and excel was that I don't use shortcuts which is true I don't because I can't remember them I think the long way prevents mistakes so there, umm, yeah...

Moving on, then I headed to Randstad to submit my resume and noticed a sign that says they only accept applications from 9-11 on Wed. I haven't had a lot of good luck using this particular company in my city. The one and only time I did get a call from them they encouraged me to accept a placement and to guarantee that I wouldn't look else where for any other position. Really? Um no, so they haven't called since. Yea, me! (You can't tell me I don't know how to shoot myself in the foot!! I will never believe you!)

My mom and I are going to an art opening tonight in town to support a local gal who fell in love with art in high school. G doesn't know that we are doing that yet and that she is not welcome to come. Sometimes G thinks she is entitled to do as I do, what I do or know what I know. Sometimes it drives me crazy. Sometimes I just remind her that I am "mama" and she isn't.

Besides, she gets to go swim in her now completed pool that has a new top and sun cover. There is also an open house at G's school for the new building they have now for 3rd grade and staff offices. That will be a nice tour I think too.

Anyway, I haven't any idea of the future or of the current for that matter. I am plugging one day at a time. I can't apply for unemployment because I have an account open so I am going to try to certify next week and may even have to attempt to call.

I've Been Playing With My Camera

Yesterday afternoon for about an hour I hung out with my mom while she washed her rugs at the laudry mat. Prices have really exploded haven't they? I didn't realize how expense these things are. Will not take my own for granted anymore!
I decided to just snap a few pics. It is so much easier to practice taking pics with a digital than with a 35mm traditional film camera (cheaper too).
I am discovering, however, my eyes are not as good as they used to be so these very tiny windows on the camera makes me think the pic is clear when it is actually blurry. I did take my camera off auto finally just to practice.
My mom put a $20 in the change machine and the quarters just fell and fell. At one point I thought about jumping up and down screaming "I WON! I WON!" When I told my mom what I had thought about doing she laughed and said, "I would have beat your head in." heh! We are such a loving family.
This little lady bug was having a ball on the fennel plant in my front flower bed.

Things Heard Here

Sunday night G was holding our last cat, Simon, and I heard her ask, "Simon are you sorry mama took away all your fertilizer?" This is in reference to my explaination to a much earlier question about why Simon and Abigail never had kittens.

And last night, "Mama, I am sleeping in my own bed next week, OK?" and just so you know, next week never seems to come.

I told myself I would totally remember all the things G says but having failed to write them down I am now at a loss.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Snarky Post, Sort Of

Whenever someone asks why I adopted, I just whip out this photo, heh.
In reality I saved the side of the house for her because she actually really wanted to spray the house down. It wasn't a pressure washer but it sure made the house look better.
Still in need of a true pressure washer to really get the dust and dirt off but this little $20 item worked wonders.

Monday, May 14, 2012

What We Did Today

Well, technically, what my dad did today. I had lots of plans that went out the window when my mom skyped with me. She has been having trouble with the skype and the camera setting.
It is interesting trying to help my mom. She is changing and not in a good way. She will get fixated on things quicker and much less likely to let it go. She has NOT been diagnosed with alzheimer's yet but something strange is going on.
When we couldn't get the solution over the phone I suggested we take a trip to get some flowers and orchid dirt. She happily agreed. So after the flowers we headed to her house with my laptop and wifi to figure out how to fix her skype. I reset the camera settings which I think were moved when some little will-be-nameless-girl played with all the cool camera effects but I am not sure about that.
Well, my dad had bought this pool sometime in April or the beginning of May. He decided to put it up today. Now let me say that G getting in with all of her clothes on wasn't actually in the plans. It started all innocently enough and my dad said I didn't need to get her swimsuit though on hindsight...
G just wanted to put her feet in, then it was to sit on the top of the ladder, then to pull her shorts up and walk around and at some point her undies were already wet so what the helk and down she went. FREEZING COLD WATER, mind you, she swam and sat and played and then we warmed her up when she got out. She went comando to karate b/c we couldn't get the clothes dry after drying for at least an hour. The t-shirt was just a wee bit wet but she was fine in it.
So the first swim of the year. Now that we are down to one cat, hanging out with my parents is so much less stressful and so much fun. It really always has been. Even before G came home I spent lots of evenings with my parents just hanging out.
Oh and no word on a job. I am going to apply for unemployment tomorrow, I think.

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

What a Ca-ra-ppy Week

RIP Abigail 1996-2012
Finally, she quit eating. And she would leave her box to try and pee then return to her box, a box she took over like a cave. I knew this morning when she didn't eat her favorite canned food that this would be the day. My dad did the honors and buried her with Clementine. I am trying really hard to be very strong but losing a pet is very difficult even when you know it is time and they are suffering. Still stinks! And yes I was ready for her to go as well but still I wasn't in a way.

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Employment Saga

So I had a temp assignment that began on Saturday that was to run through Friday a total of 56 hours. No problem. It was helping customers (over the phone) to enroll in a loyalty program for a store. The calls were crazy busy. The company did not provide head sets for the temps. So I am extremely prone to acne like really really bad so holding the traditional phone against my face for 3 days has caused a strange breakout on my chin. Yes at one point yesterday morning, I only put the phone down 1 time in a 45 minute period of back to back calls.

So after work yesterday I was driving home and got a call from the temp agency to tell me that the company let me go because "You didn't look like you wanted to be there." I kid you not. Not one complaint from a customer, not one complaint that I was told from a co-worker, not one comment to me personally other than "go to lunch at 12" and they ended my assignment. For a measly $10/per hour I was subjected to lazy co-workers who took breaks (lots of them) and waited for others to answer the phone (the one admitted to it in a general loud complaint about not answering the phones) and got a funky skin breakout and neck/back pains for having a non-comfortable work situation for a whopping 3 days. WOOT!

Oh well, the temp agency put me on another assignment starting on Wed. letting me know that they wouldn't get me on an assignment this fast if they thought it was me personally doing something or being other than a faithful hard worker.

I am not entitled to a job or any body's money. I am given an opportunity to make my way in the world and if I fail, I fail on my own. But to be let go because I didn't "look like" I wanted to be somewhere actually is just a stupid reason, even G said so when I told her.

Apparently they don't really need people to answer the phones (and they don't if the ones there would just answer them) if they let go someone who had no complaints or someone who was catching about 70% of the calls in the group of 5 temps and yes I was.

I am not getting younger. I have to defend every step I take or at least I feel that I do. I also am very reserved and maybe that is what they felt was not wanting to be there, who knows. I will not walk into a situation completely open and transparent being everybody's best buddy, and I don't expect others to do so either. Fair and equal treatment with everyone picking equal work load.

That is the problem with socialism too isn't it? When one person discovers they can make the same per hour doing less than someone else, won't they always do so? Sadly our whole economy is based on a mix of socialism and capitalism and they don't work together. Therefore, people who wish to work and are willing to work hard are penalized with no work when those who wish to get a paycheck for nothing has enough charisma to do so. I would like to get a paycheck for nothing but my conscience won't allow it! Darn work ethic!~

Sunday, May 06, 2012

While I Was Working...

G and her grandaddy were fishing. Finally warm enough and non-windy enough to actually fish. Yes she caught two. My dad told me he skinned them or whatever you do to them and I can cook them. My mom proceeds to tell me to cook them in corn meal. Um, yeah I will get right on that, NOT!
I don't eat fish!

Friday, May 04, 2012

Picture Dump or Catch Up, whatever

I totally re-organized the front room of my house that had been used as a storage room but is the room that you come through first. It was intended all along as a play room for G. My dad even put a chalk board in where a window had been closed off because the room had actually been a front porch on the outside of the house. So G does play on the chalk board periodically and this is the most recent writing of hers on the board which was probably written the first semester of 1st grade. She was learning how to sound out words thus the "fafreit"=favorite and "culr"= color. Too funny. Now that I have a picture she can erase and re write whatever.

While we were picking up the pottery, we stopped by Lowe's to get a sprayer for the house (it needs to be cleaned desperately). We found a Venus flytrap. So I think every kid needs one of these plants at least once in a lifetime. My brother had one that I remember. It wasn't very much >$5. We have already had fun watching it close on something.

This is G's completed mug picked up from the pottery place and yes I did free hand the pictures for her to paint. I got the pictures out of the magazine of ideas the pottery place had. Sometimes I amaze myself at my abilities but can't overcome the insecurity to truly act on them. Sad I know.
This is G's heart shaped pizza from last Friday night.

Thursday, May 03, 2012

So Wasted Tears and Love for the Game

So G loved the whole kick ball thing and "Guess what, Mama, we tied." The score was 34 - 34. No one was mean and G said she made a home run. I am not sure that she did as she doesn't truly understand what a "home run" is. She had a good day and said she wanted to play another kick ball tournament. Then she fussed at me for not going to watch her even though that morning she was adamant that I not go. She said she changed her mind, heh.

Anyway the take away for G is that she really needs to listen to her mama who knows the game days are days of fun because, no schoolwork, DUH! And I know generally what she likes and what she is good at. G is a very coordinated though not aggressive sportsgirl.

She now is worrying because she heard the 3rd graders had to play softball, oh the horror!

Just a few more days literally and she will be a 3rd grader officially! WOOT!

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

G Did Go to School

She promises to me that she is ONLY embarrassed by playing kick ball against this one teacher's class not anyone else's class. To me it is just strange.

Today I am hot and heavy posting resumes and looking for work. Starting to freak out a bit. May apply for unemployment to just see if I get it. Who knows, it would ease the stress a bit.

I forgot to mention that last weekend when G had a friend over I picked up a box of Rice Krispies and a bag (or two) of marshmallows to make rice krispie treats. They were messy, gooey, never set up right (I am sure I messed it up some how) but over the top a winner. Both girls exclaimed, "I have NEVER had HOMEMADE rice krispie treats before." heh!

They were good. I don't particularly like them much but the made at home ones are the best and I do like the first bit after they are just finished. They never did set up right. I don't know what I did or didn't do to them. They both made heart shaped pizzas for dinner. G didn't eat all of hers but the friend ate all of hers and mostly stayed hungry all weekend apparently. Everytime I asked if they were ready to eat she was but G never was.

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Today my Dad

and I added a smallish extension of bricks to a sidewalk, like a small patio.  I had pictures to add to the post but I hate this new blogger and the pictures take too long.  Understand I helped him spread the sand in the beginning and the end. He did all the hard work of placing the bricks.  He doesn't hand out instructions so I couldn't have helped him place the bricks anyway.  He also trimmed some dead limbs out of the trees around the house.   
Yesterday, my mother called me in a stressed voice asking what I was doing.  Turns out my cousin's youngest daughter fell Saturday and broke her arm.  She had surgery Sunday and my cousin just needed a familiar face to come be with her.  My mother is having difficulty with memory and a bit of confusion so she called to ask me to drive her over to the hospital.  Ended up being the day little cousin was discharged so we took them home.  We ended up having my dad get G from school because we wouldn't be home to do so.  It was nice to spend the time with them but not under the circumstances.

I guess it is good I am unemployed as my mother needed someone to go with her.  And my dad and I fixed the smalllish patio and trimmed trees.  Oh and I dropped a TV on my foot.  That wasn't actually a good thing but nothing is broken, thankfully. 

So tomorrow is my dad's birthday.  He will be 70.  I already told how I spilled the beans but luckily he hasn't said anything.  I asked him how exactly he wished to celebrate seeing that tomorrow is Wednesday (church night) and I told him I understood he didn't wish to really celebrate but that he has an 8 year old granddaughter who loves to celebrate.  Lucky him, I informed him, that she hates to wear hats so he won't have too.  He chuckled at that. 

Wish I could get the pictures to post.  Maybe I will have time tomorrow to do it.  G melted down this afternoon and doesn't want to go to school because her class and another class (full of bullies her words) are playing a game of kickball and she will be too embarrassed.  MELTED DOWN WITH REAL LIVE TEARS AND EVERYTHING.

 I told her she could stay home but that if she did we would not be going out at all so no GAs at Grammie and Grandad's church.  I told her she would have to decide tonight because I would turn off the alarm and she couldn't change her mind at all.  I think she is leaning to going and hopefully that will be official.  I haven't the foggiest about what to do in this situation. 

By the way, no one in the other class has actually bullied her she just said some of the kids were mean.  I don't know about that but I do know they aren't watched as well as G's own class.  That really doesn't mean much though.  So that is where we stand tonight.  I have no leads on jobs and nothing at the temp agency.  Yea! ME.  Haven't heard from the phone interview either (pretty sure I didn't get it).