Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Employment Saga

So I had a temp assignment that began on Saturday that was to run through Friday a total of 56 hours. No problem. It was helping customers (over the phone) to enroll in a loyalty program for a store. The calls were crazy busy. The company did not provide head sets for the temps. So I am extremely prone to acne like really really bad so holding the traditional phone against my face for 3 days has caused a strange breakout on my chin. Yes at one point yesterday morning, I only put the phone down 1 time in a 45 minute period of back to back calls.

So after work yesterday I was driving home and got a call from the temp agency to tell me that the company let me go because "You didn't look like you wanted to be there." I kid you not. Not one complaint from a customer, not one complaint that I was told from a co-worker, not one comment to me personally other than "go to lunch at 12" and they ended my assignment. For a measly $10/per hour I was subjected to lazy co-workers who took breaks (lots of them) and waited for others to answer the phone (the one admitted to it in a general loud complaint about not answering the phones) and got a funky skin breakout and neck/back pains for having a non-comfortable work situation for a whopping 3 days. WOOT!

Oh well, the temp agency put me on another assignment starting on Wed. letting me know that they wouldn't get me on an assignment this fast if they thought it was me personally doing something or being other than a faithful hard worker.

I am not entitled to a job or any body's money. I am given an opportunity to make my way in the world and if I fail, I fail on my own. But to be let go because I didn't "look like" I wanted to be somewhere actually is just a stupid reason, even G said so when I told her.

Apparently they don't really need people to answer the phones (and they don't if the ones there would just answer them) if they let go someone who had no complaints or someone who was catching about 70% of the calls in the group of 5 temps and yes I was.

I am not getting younger. I have to defend every step I take or at least I feel that I do. I also am very reserved and maybe that is what they felt was not wanting to be there, who knows. I will not walk into a situation completely open and transparent being everybody's best buddy, and I don't expect others to do so either. Fair and equal treatment with everyone picking equal work load.

That is the problem with socialism too isn't it? When one person discovers they can make the same per hour doing less than someone else, won't they always do so? Sadly our whole economy is based on a mix of socialism and capitalism and they don't work together. Therefore, people who wish to work and are willing to work hard are penalized with no work when those who wish to get a paycheck for nothing has enough charisma to do so. I would like to get a paycheck for nothing but my conscience won't allow it! Darn work ethic!~


Vivian M said...

Yeah, it really does not encourage employees to do their best when others around them get the same pay and pay raises for doing less or nothing. In some companies, they cannot get away with it when their reviews are tied to statistics, but in most companies, it is still who you know, who you are sleeping with, or who you have dirt on. :o(

The Byrd's Nest said...

Good grief, that is just silly. People need to really try and understand different personalities you know? I'm so sorry my friend, I continue to pray for a good steady job for you:)

P.S. Greg applied to a church in Batesville, AR and they have been interviewing him over the phone. Is that close to you?