Friday, May 04, 2012

Picture Dump or Catch Up, whatever

I totally re-organized the front room of my house that had been used as a storage room but is the room that you come through first. It was intended all along as a play room for G. My dad even put a chalk board in where a window had been closed off because the room had actually been a front porch on the outside of the house. So G does play on the chalk board periodically and this is the most recent writing of hers on the board which was probably written the first semester of 1st grade. She was learning how to sound out words thus the "fafreit"=favorite and "culr"= color. Too funny. Now that I have a picture she can erase and re write whatever.

While we were picking up the pottery, we stopped by Lowe's to get a sprayer for the house (it needs to be cleaned desperately). We found a Venus flytrap. So I think every kid needs one of these plants at least once in a lifetime. My brother had one that I remember. It wasn't very much >$5. We have already had fun watching it close on something.

This is G's completed mug picked up from the pottery place and yes I did free hand the pictures for her to paint. I got the pictures out of the magazine of ideas the pottery place had. Sometimes I amaze myself at my abilities but can't overcome the insecurity to truly act on them. Sad I know.
This is G's heart shaped pizza from last Friday night.

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Vivian M said...

Love the mugs! And where are the pictures of the playroom?