Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pro-Actively I Headed to College

Not to acquire another degree but to apply for a position, any position. I walked in with a completed application, resume and college transcripts. I did not write a letter as I thought in person might be best. Anywho, I have to now write a letter but that is another story.

I spoke to someone and just told her I didn't have an appointment but wished to speak with Mrs. HR (name withheld). I explained that sometimes my resume keeps people from actually looking at me for positions because they feel I would be over qualified or not want the pay. So Mrs. HR agreed to see me.

The first thing I told her was that my degree is a Master's in Counseling and Personnel Services and she said (half jokingly), "So you aren't taking my job." Yea, that kind of floored me for a sec. She at least recognized my reserved nature. I have to always be upfront about that or else people mis-judge and accuse me of being standoffish or snobbish.

I have applied for 2 positions and neither pay well but would be reasonably what I made last year on temp work and without the distant drives. I told her that I really wanted to work and that it was suggested to me to come talk to her in person to let her know of my interest.

She allowed me to test in Word (not my strongest), typing test, and Excel (blow the average out of the water). I scored a 77% on Word (average is 71%, I type 70 words a minute perfectly (71 with 1 error) which was a surprise to me, and I scored 96 or 94% on Excel (average is 66%). So WHOOT for me. Although the complaint on the word and excel was that I don't use shortcuts which is true I don't because I can't remember them I think the long way prevents mistakes so there, umm, yeah...

Moving on, then I headed to Randstad to submit my resume and noticed a sign that says they only accept applications from 9-11 on Wed. I haven't had a lot of good luck using this particular company in my city. The one and only time I did get a call from them they encouraged me to accept a placement and to guarantee that I wouldn't look else where for any other position. Really? Um no, so they haven't called since. Yea, me! (You can't tell me I don't know how to shoot myself in the foot!! I will never believe you!)

My mom and I are going to an art opening tonight in town to support a local gal who fell in love with art in high school. G doesn't know that we are doing that yet and that she is not welcome to come. Sometimes G thinks she is entitled to do as I do, what I do or know what I know. Sometimes it drives me crazy. Sometimes I just remind her that I am "mama" and she isn't.

Besides, she gets to go swim in her now completed pool that has a new top and sun cover. There is also an open house at G's school for the new building they have now for 3rd grade and staff offices. That will be a nice tour I think too.

Anyway, I haven't any idea of the future or of the current for that matter. I am plugging one day at a time. I can't apply for unemployment because I have an account open so I am going to try to certify next week and may even have to attempt to call.


The Byrd's Nest said...

Wow...that is pretty impressive about Excel. I know nothing about Excel:)

Praying for work my friend! I hope something comes out of you going to visit with Ms. HR:) Hugs!

Vivian M said...

Good luck! Fingers crossed!