Thursday, May 03, 2012

So Wasted Tears and Love for the Game

So G loved the whole kick ball thing and "Guess what, Mama, we tied." The score was 34 - 34. No one was mean and G said she made a home run. I am not sure that she did as she doesn't truly understand what a "home run" is. She had a good day and said she wanted to play another kick ball tournament. Then she fussed at me for not going to watch her even though that morning she was adamant that I not go. She said she changed her mind, heh.

Anyway the take away for G is that she really needs to listen to her mama who knows the game days are days of fun because, no schoolwork, DUH! And I know generally what she likes and what she is good at. G is a very coordinated though not aggressive sportsgirl.

She now is worrying because she heard the 3rd graders had to play softball, oh the horror!

Just a few more days literally and she will be a 3rd grader officially! WOOT!

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