Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Today my Dad

and I added a smallish extension of bricks to a sidewalk, like a small patio.  I had pictures to add to the post but I hate this new blogger and the pictures take too long.  Understand I helped him spread the sand in the beginning and the end. He did all the hard work of placing the bricks.  He doesn't hand out instructions so I couldn't have helped him place the bricks anyway.  He also trimmed some dead limbs out of the trees around the house.   
Yesterday, my mother called me in a stressed voice asking what I was doing.  Turns out my cousin's youngest daughter fell Saturday and broke her arm.  She had surgery Sunday and my cousin just needed a familiar face to come be with her.  My mother is having difficulty with memory and a bit of confusion so she called to ask me to drive her over to the hospital.  Ended up being the day little cousin was discharged so we took them home.  We ended up having my dad get G from school because we wouldn't be home to do so.  It was nice to spend the time with them but not under the circumstances.

I guess it is good I am unemployed as my mother needed someone to go with her.  And my dad and I fixed the smalllish patio and trimmed trees.  Oh and I dropped a TV on my foot.  That wasn't actually a good thing but nothing is broken, thankfully. 

So tomorrow is my dad's birthday.  He will be 70.  I already told how I spilled the beans but luckily he hasn't said anything.  I asked him how exactly he wished to celebrate seeing that tomorrow is Wednesday (church night) and I told him I understood he didn't wish to really celebrate but that he has an 8 year old granddaughter who loves to celebrate.  Lucky him, I informed him, that she hates to wear hats so he won't have too.  He chuckled at that. 

Wish I could get the pictures to post.  Maybe I will have time tomorrow to do it.  G melted down this afternoon and doesn't want to go to school because her class and another class (full of bullies her words) are playing a game of kickball and she will be too embarrassed.  MELTED DOWN WITH REAL LIVE TEARS AND EVERYTHING.

 I told her she could stay home but that if she did we would not be going out at all so no GAs at Grammie and Grandad's church.  I told her she would have to decide tonight because I would turn off the alarm and she couldn't change her mind at all.  I think she is leaning to going and hopefully that will be official.  I haven't the foggiest about what to do in this situation. 

By the way, no one in the other class has actually bullied her she just said some of the kids were mean.  I don't know about that but I do know they aren't watched as well as G's own class.  That really doesn't mean much though.  So that is where we stand tonight.  I have no leads on jobs and nothing at the temp agency.  Yea! ME.  Haven't heard from the phone interview either (pretty sure I didn't get it).

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Vivian M said...

Happy birthday to your Dad! Glad your relative is healing and out of the hospital. The brick extension looks nice!
Sending positive thoughts and prayers, keep looking!