Monday, May 14, 2012

What We Did Today

Well, technically, what my dad did today. I had lots of plans that went out the window when my mom skyped with me. She has been having trouble with the skype and the camera setting.
It is interesting trying to help my mom. She is changing and not in a good way. She will get fixated on things quicker and much less likely to let it go. She has NOT been diagnosed with alzheimer's yet but something strange is going on.
When we couldn't get the solution over the phone I suggested we take a trip to get some flowers and orchid dirt. She happily agreed. So after the flowers we headed to her house with my laptop and wifi to figure out how to fix her skype. I reset the camera settings which I think were moved when some little will-be-nameless-girl played with all the cool camera effects but I am not sure about that.
Well, my dad had bought this pool sometime in April or the beginning of May. He decided to put it up today. Now let me say that G getting in with all of her clothes on wasn't actually in the plans. It started all innocently enough and my dad said I didn't need to get her swimsuit though on hindsight...
G just wanted to put her feet in, then it was to sit on the top of the ladder, then to pull her shorts up and walk around and at some point her undies were already wet so what the helk and down she went. FREEZING COLD WATER, mind you, she swam and sat and played and then we warmed her up when she got out. She went comando to karate b/c we couldn't get the clothes dry after drying for at least an hour. The t-shirt was just a wee bit wet but she was fine in it.
So the first swim of the year. Now that we are down to one cat, hanging out with my parents is so much less stressful and so much fun. It really always has been. Even before G came home I spent lots of evenings with my parents just hanging out.
Oh and no word on a job. I am going to apply for unemployment tomorrow, I think.

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Vivian M said...

Good luck on the job front! That swimming pool looks like fun. Hope you get a diagnosis for your Mom soon.