Wednesday, June 27, 2012

2 Things I Never Ever EVER Want to Hear Again

I never want to hear, "Anyone can sell, just learn these techniques."

I never want to hear, "Just get a job and go to work somewhere. If you get desperate enough you can work anywhere."

Here is the thing, I can't sell. I am not a salesperson and so there is a limit. I also can't just get any job or work just anywhere.

Today was a flop, I was rejected as a potential salesman. Oh well, I knew and know I am not a salesperson. There is a type of person who is but that is not me.

Seriously, I have several things I am just not good at and that limits my employment options and somehow potential employers see this. So I am still jobless.

Then, right before I went into the panel interview, one of the potential salespeople there asked me out. ICKY! First off I took myself off the market when I brought G home. There is no one well one person that I knew before I adopted her and he has no clue nor is he close by I would ever date or bring into this family while G is young. So it just creeped me out. I just told him, "No thank you."

I told the trainer/recruiter and his assistant tat it really creeped me out and he said, "Well, we all want to be accepted." He was joking but the look I gave him, he got it. Call me a snob or whatever but no one is good enough to add to our little family of two, except the one who has no idea and is not close by.

There is one possible good thing that may have come out of my rejection of this job but I am not speaking of it until I have a yes or no.

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Vivian M said...

I am a terrible sales person too. I knew we had more things in common, lol!