Saturday, June 16, 2012

And They're Off

G and my parents headed out for two weeks today. No threats however as I am watching both houses to make sure no one takes advantage of the empty one.

G will have her fill of family time I think what with one reunion last Sunday and another she wants to go to after 7/4 and this two weeks spent with cousins.

When we were discussing who would be at which reunion G asked if specific cousins would be at one. I told her that no that wasn't their side of the family but that they would be at the other. Then she asked about another set of cousins going to the one in July to which I replied, "no that is Grammie's family and they are Grandad's side."

G in obvious frustration replied, "Well, what side of the family do I belong on?"

All those connections so very confusing even to the grown. We sat around last Sunday saying, "Now who is that and how are we related?"


Jennifer said...

I hope she has a great time! Nataly was confused on our family trip, too. We had to review each group & how we relate before we got to each place! It was good practice for the adults, too! :-)

Vivian M said...

Hope Miss G has a lot of fun! And you too - try not to miss her too much. :o)