Thursday, June 07, 2012

The Beginning of Summer Holidays, No Work

So I finished the 4 day temp assignment in 4 days 2 hours. The company was okay with it because the extent of the surveys was very difficult, but with over 100,000 bits of data entered there were less than 200 mistakes. That is an awesome record. By the way, that is why we were specifically requested back through the temp agency. Then the company actually wants me to be available for some very fun (to me) projects in the very near future.

Problem is it won't be permanent and will pay very little per hour and doesn't have a for sure start date. I told the company that I am actually looking for full time employment and I could see disappointment in his face. This company doesn't have enough money to actually hire me permanently but he has recognized that I have a similar skill set that he has (his is more developed) and that is needed because he is the only one at the company that can do what he does. They do really need another person working directly under him who can learn and do the same type work. Oh well.

The college interview has still no information. I even called Tuesday but the HR director never called me back. So I called today and she said they are looking at the year end budget and aren't ready to make a decision on employment. So she didn't say no but she didn't say yes either. I couldn't get a sense that the approval was for me or just a decision on someone else. Oh well.

And I had a call with the unemployment people last week for the two weeks previously when I didn't work but haven't heard from them either. I also can't certify this week like I am supposed to. Their system keeps locking me out and their phones always ALWAYS are too busy to get a person. Oh well.

We have for all intents and purposes run out of money. Bills are paid through June and there is about $100 for groceries. That's it. There is also no money on the credit card to use. And yes that has been necessary. Oh well.

If I think too much about it all I will completely fall apart. G is home with me and we are both feeling the stress. I have a short temper and she is driving me crazy with her boredom. I snapped at her this morning b/c it seemed everywhere I went she would be 1/2 step behind me. Then she begged for me to tell her what to do and I threw out suggestions that she complied with for all of 15 mins.

Then I suggested that she draw a picture of a picture I would provide. I told her to draw it as I gave it (upside down) and not to turn it over until it was complete. I had heard that you can exercise your brain by drawing pictures upside down which engages one side or the other to draw things you see as you see them not as you expect or think they ought to be. But G turned the picture over and ruined the project. So I told her she couldn't draw that picture. Then she argued with me and said she needed to see the picture to see what she was drawing. She wouldn't try to understand the concept. She dug in with her disagreement so I dropped the whole project and didn't find another picture. Oh well.

Then we had lunch and I had her bake a cake (from a box) and water the plants and all was better, not perfect, just better.

Funny thing, last night at VBS our pastor came up and said, "I hear you have a job." I said, "No I don't. I had a 4 day temp job that ended already and I interviewed for a job but I don't have one." He said, "Oh, well, hang in there." um yeah, I'll do that, for there is nothing else I can do. Please understand I really like our pastor and his wife so maybe I just caught him off guard. It was just a weird conversation.


Lauri said...


I have been silently reading and following your job situation. I am so sorry that you are in this situation and I pray you find stable employment soon.


Vivian M said...

Praying you get a job soon! Fingers crossed too.