Monday, June 11, 2012

A Little Rythmically Challenged

G decided she wanted to learn how to play an instrument, not because she is interested but because her cousin is going to try to learn one this summer on his own and little miss competition can't be outdone. So I took her up on the challenge. I mean I have 5 instruments here at the house so there would be little investment or rather none at all. I can play 3 of the 5 and pick out right hand on one! I learned treble clef not base.

The problem is my poor child has no sense of rythm and argues with me when I try to instruct her. Then I lose patience and what starts out as good intentions ends with frustration (mine) and tears (hers).

She is going to learn to play the dulcimer, per her. Yes, I know how to play at it and could pick it up again fairly well. I never play for a crowd or in a band. I don't think I am that good or ever would be that good. I gave her the principles of it, I tuned it for her, I showed her how to hold it and which frets are which. I gave her a song to learn (VERY SIMPLE SONG) and then last night I took her back to another basic and that is strumming. Yes, I showed her how once but this time I used a book to do so.

Her interest though has re-kindled my own interest in my mandolin. I forgot how much fun it is to play it. Now though my finger tips are losing feeling which means I need to toughen them up again through practice which hurts.

I do try to show her some things and tell her she needs to count out loud but then she says she is too embarrassed to do so. I explain that all musicians worth their weight learn to count and usually (if they are not born with rythm) they learn rythm by learning to count. Yes some people are gifted naturally but practice can help. I personally hated practicing!! It is no fun to be alone in a room making noise (which it is at first). I understand that. So today maybe will be better because she will see me playing my mandolin and maybe it will spurn her on.

I started karate last Friday night. That is so much harder and more painful than it looks. Yes it took a day or so to work out the soreness (who am I kidding, there was no working it out, I just rested). I apologized to G for coaching from the sidelines while she was on the line. I truly broke out in a sweat Friday and that just from stances and kicks.

Today I was so frustrated with myself. I thought I had misunderstood (YET AGAIN) my father's plan for picking G up for VBS. Turns out he got the time wrong but not before I was so mad at myself. I thought he was going to pick her up on the way but the closer it got to the start I figured I had just misunderstood so in frustration I took G up to the church only to return and find my parents at my house. They thought it started at 9 and I thought it started at 8:30. Still I don't know which is right. But I tried and tried to get a pick up time from him yesterday and he never said a time just that they would be there. So then this morning I was second guessing myself and just knew I messed it all up.

Still no word on a job. Unemployment is so messed up and I can't certify nor get anyone on the phone. G leaves next week on vacay with my parents to visit her cousins. Not sure if I am going to let her take the dulcimer or not. I doubt she will practice it. I hope she doesn't wish to learn the guitar because that is her cousin's instrument of choice. I don't have one of those and can't afford one. If anyone wishes to hand one down on the incase I would gladly take it!

Got some very shocking news from a friend that could be lifted in prayer. No details now, maybe later. With the same friend got to see Mama Mia (an ex beau bought them for her) on Saturday. Other than the cro$tch and bo#ob grabs I enjoyed it. Somethings I think are added for shock value but are totally unnecessary! Sometimes, I wish to use my own imagination!!

So G is now home from VBS and told me she went into the wrong class. Maybe she will get to stay because she seems to like it and is in there with her friends. I hope they leave her there tomorrow too.

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Vivian M said...

Sending prayers for Miss G's friend. Have fun re-learning/teaching music!