Monday, June 18, 2012

Productive But No Job

I got the yard mowed at least and practiced my mandolin. I have not heard back from the interview I went on the Thursday before Memorial day. Won't call me back. So I called the main temp agency I use and begged for a job. I applied for several things for which I am not qualified as well. This is just such a weird world I am living in.

Sunday a lady from church took me to lunch and we got to know each other a bit better. She sings next to me in choir, and she and her hubby live in a house that is half way between me and my parents. She and another lady have come to really care about me and worry about me. The one I met in choir and the other because she started sitting behind me and G then with G while I was in choir. G actually talks to her now which most people in the church don't believe, heh.

Funny thing, both ladies thought I was divorced. I guess I never really thought that was how I was perceived or maybe I thought people would assume single momhood rather than single momhood through adoption. They both asked if I was receiving child support. Um, nope.

I have spoken to G several times and she is having a good time. She said she got really tired last night when they went swimming. Although she can swim, she hasn't in awhile the distance she did last night so her endurance is down. I told her that by the time she leaves in 2 weeks she will be able to swim across the pool several times without being tired. I hope I am right.

She is having a blast playing with her littlest cousins. I think tomorrow I am heading out to spend the day/night at my parents and feed the hummingbirds. Plus food network star or design star comes on tomorrow night that I want to see. Plus I forgot to get some bread when I was out there yesterday for the tuna fish I was going to make.

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Vivian M said...

Don't lose hope...I will keep praying! Glad Miss G is having fun. :o)