Thursday, June 28, 2012

So Very Tired and Troubled

So as everyone is aware the SCOTUS said that since the Obamacare individual mandate was a tax and that congress has the ability to tax then it stands. Crazy for sure and proved Obama is a liar in every definition of the word. Also, just like in the Dred Scott case the people have the right to vote it down. One thing the decision did state clearly is that under the commerce clause, Obamacare is a big no and that congress can't create commerce in order to control it.

The other though is good news and justice hopefully for Brian Terry and the 300 Mexicans killed under Holder's (and possibly Obama's) directions. Holder was held in contempt. First AG ever to be held in contempt in the history of the US.

So I went to bed at 3am last night then my mom called at 8:30 which almost killed me. Then another call at 10:22 and I will say that I am miserably exhasted, disappointed, bored and basically stressed to the hilt.

And the airconditioner man called and met me to fix my house. He freaked me out a bit. Glad my dad knows him. He asked me my opinion about Obama which I was happy to discuss then he made a racist comment (X2) which I had to set him straight on. I hope he picked up my point. Sometimes people want you to agree with them so badly they chose to ignore your actual points.

Let me be clear here (see I am presidential) I dislike Obama's policies, lack of care of American values, big government stance, socialist and islamist background and his and Michelle's pure disdain for the American people!! None of what I said has to do with the color of his skin, it truly does not come into play. I disliked the first black president, Bill Clinton, as well for his sleeziness and liberal progressiveness.

I appreciate people like Allen West, Condileesa Rice, Hermain Cain, Clarence Thomas as well as other true statesmen who understand and protect the constitution of the US in its original intent no matter the color of their skin. And yes I intended to name African Americans who would probably describe themselves first as Americans who happen to be of African descent (my personal speculation).

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