Thursday, June 28, 2012

Too Tired to Sleep Too Tired to Stay Awake

Watching Hannity now. I am so tired but can't sleep. So I have been on twitter following some strange argument between two people I follow but I can't figure out the beginning of the argument. But it is like a trainwreck and I can't turn away. Hate those trainwrecks. Really I guess I hate my noisiness.

Spell check doesn't work anymore and I am too tired to make sure I am spelling everything right. I have had a strange and disappointing two days and I miss my girl. She is having fun though at the George Washington camp with her cousins.

My mom is very very tired. I can tell it on the phone. My snarky comments about my own situation isn't hitting her well either so I have to check the tongue at the ring tone. Can't help it, I have always dealt with difficult situations with snark and self depricating humor even when (unknowingly) it offends others.

Oh and the twitter argument mentioned above I believe is over. Now what am I supposed to read, heh.

Wow, just by retweeting things I have enjoyed my followers hit over 600. I am not even clever or tweeting in a formal fashion. I just reset the password today because I forgot it.

Darrell Issa will be on Greta tonight. Can't wait to hear all he says. Hopefully Holder will go to jail. Probably won't but it is on the record. Not sure I can stay up much later but may stay up long enough to watch Red Eye. And that is very late or early, depending on the POV.

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