Sunday, June 24, 2012

Went To See Brave

with a friend yesterday. G was not there as she is still with her grandparents. She will not be seeing it. It is rated PG and there are some very dark moments in it. G can't tolerate the movie Mulan being in the house because the bad guy (which she started calling the "uggy" man) is shown as being a very dark and evil monster. That movie terrifies her so I know Brave would too.

Brave is very funny, will make you cry, and is very dark in a scary sort of way. It deals with spells and magic which you expect from a disney movie (and the artists did a great job making the movie) but for children who are a bit more scary this is not the movie for them.

I really enjoyed it but I thought about the young kids in the theater and wondered how well they will sleep after watching it.

It has strong female character roles and I think the father's could have been portrayed a little less clumsy but I suppose for the time it was set may have been okay. I don't know, I am so tired of man-bashing in films, TV shows and commercials I would just like to see them portrayed differently.

But it was very good and not too girly girl at all. Just know your children well and if they can tolerate it, it was a good movie to take them too. Be ready to navigate the magic scenes.

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