Thursday, June 14, 2012

What a Cute Family

A friend is now a member of the church to which my family (parents still) belonged. Apparently she found an old church directory. I was minding my own business in blissful ignorance when she texted this picture to me. ;}  This is circa 1974-75. I was almost 5 years old or maybe was 5 years old.  She took the picture with her phone so Mother's head is flashed out.    Now why on earth did blogger force the change on us all? I hate this new setting. Change for change's sake is not always a positive. I have a phone interview today for the call center job but it won't start until 7-23. Until then I have no answers and no income, yeah me. My finger tips are still very tender but that is the price of imaging myself an international blue grass madolin sensation practice.

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