Thursday, June 28, 2012

Yes It Really Is Me Posting at 1am

Tomorrow is such a big day with he (hopeful) repeal of Obamacare and the return of the money previously spent! Oh and the Holder contempt vote. See what a big day. I am anxious and no matter how much my eyes would like to sleep, I am not actually sleepy.

Currently I am watching The Five on Foxnews with Greg Gutfeld. LOVE HIM. He is so very funny and so very correct!

Praying the Obamacare is found unconstitutional as it truly is because the federal government cannot force individuals to do purchase something just because we are citizens and can't penalize us for not doing so. State governments can do so for individual states but not the federal government.

I am so tired but just can't sleep. So this Holder mess is so much bigger than any scandal thus far because so many people were killed with weapons designated to send to the Mexican drug cartels in order to bring more regulations and take away American rights to own guns. This is truly where they were taking this. Holder has had to walk back two statements he made earlier, one of them being that the AG under Bush knew about it. So glad he will be sanctioned.

I just can't imagine what Holder has on Obama to still be in office. Of course to be in put in office in the first place he had something on Obama. Holder needs to go far away. He has politicized the AG's office and defended the Black Panthers in a voter intimidation case.

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