Saturday, July 28, 2012


G's seaweed snack that used to be only $1.49 per 96 pieces has jumped $4.50 to $5.99 for the same amount at the Chinese Market. UNBELIEVABLE. I am flabbergasted at this price. Makes me ill. I really can't afford to buy it now.

I hate that for her too because she really does like it and it seems to be the only throw back to her days in China.

The other day I showed G a picture of a beach in China that was built or used for the 2008 olympics. The beach was crowded. She looked at it and said, "They all have black hair." This coming from my black haired Chinese daughter, heh.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Summer Storms

We are in the middle of a gloriously loud summertime thunderstorm. G gathered all of her lovies incase we "got struck by lightning and had to leave quckly." Sad to say, some just struck a wee bit too close. Praying for safety during the storm and peaceful rest tonight.

So This Being Unemployed Is Disconcerting

I can't seem to keep up with the days of the week or the dates. Yesterday was our Gotcha Day and today is the day it was made final/official. And it has been 7 very interesting years of ups, downs, frustrations and thrills. Here is a recap of that time in 2005 with commentary two years after the trip.

We did nothing fun or specific for the day with no plans to do anything today. I gave G three Geronimo Stilton books (cheap from Amazon) and the movie Gnomeo and Juliet (also cheap from Amazon) that we already watched. By the way I still personally liked Despicable Me better. Maybe the whole Shakespeare thing has been done to death.

So it has been miserably hot. One of our Karate teachers invited us to use his pool but to let him know when we are coming so he can put the dogs up. Issues with swimming are use of the bathroom (like where is it located?) and planning in enough advance to let him get the dogs put up. I hate planning that far in advance so maybe we will go Sunday afternoon from 4-6.

I did get the yard mowed and finished yesterday. I started it Tuesday but ran out of gas and then it wouldn't start. Yesterday I cleaned the filter and unhooked/rehooked the spark plug which made it start with no problems. Now though I have a headache which could be sinus or a tooth beginning to abcess I pray not.

G is currently watching PBS wanting a new project to start. We attempted to decoupage a table top with some school/sport pictures of her and art work from school. Learned a couple things: construction paper doesn't decoupage well and markers will run and ruin the very art work you want to display. Oh and notebook paper notes don't do well either. I am a little disappointed. G however is fine with it and is ready to do the next project. And for that we had to go buy glue because who'd a thunk we had no school glue at this house?! I was incredulous that after 3 years of school we had no left over glue. Crayons? yeah we got those and pah-lenty of them! And no they aren't pretty enough to do a project with. I ruined a cupcake pan once with a melty crayon project that didn't turn out well either.

I am reading to G two books right now, The Hobbit and Diary of a Wimpy Kid. She has read the second one already but I am reading it to her at night before bed. The Hobbit is an afternoon read and we just finished the 1st chapter yesterday. There are many G interruptions asking questions some valid some not so much. But the movie is coming in December and I really want to see it. Maybe or maybe not with G depending on the scare factor.

So Happy Family Day, G!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Okay So No Long Term Assignment

Despite what the owner of the survey company mentioned last time I worked there, he has no projects so tomorrow is the last day for me. Actually I won't go back at all because the girl who I was partnered with who has been there each time I have got a job offer today and she starts Monday so I won't work there if she isn't there. We work too well together with very very few mistakes.

Also the total hours were supposed to be 22 for the three days but he has shortened it to 19. Yea! Me.

I will start calling on Monday to stop all auto withdrawals from the bank and explain that I have no money. And the rear view mirror fell off the window today because it was so hot. Ominous, I know.

G is going to attempt to spend the night at her friend's house tonight. The grandmother has already let me know that she will tell me if G can't or wishes to come home. I hope she makes it because otherwise she will be an overly exhausted bear.

We watched Despicable Me and honestly, most of the cartoon was lost on G. I loved it, particularly the panda rug and gator couch and rhino chair, heh.

She did ask me though, "What if you returned me?" at the scene where he puts the girls back in the car to return them. I am not sure if I have ever mentioned how much I dislike the "what if" questions G throws at me. Mostly, I don't because they are questions that will never nor could they ever happen and she holds on to them like a rapid dog. So I pointed out how I wouldn't and couldn't ever return her and that the movie just needed a story line. And as only G can do she continued to ask the question in a myriad of different ways until I grew frustrated and pulled my hair out told her to stop asking. Seriously, rapid dog.

Anyway, both now the grand mom of friend and the mom of friend say G wishes to stay with them so we shall see. I am praying she makes it.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

I Am So Totally Awesome

Not one to normally toot my own horn but I saw an old (not in age, just in known awhile) friend whom I haven't seen in several years and asked her if she was pregnant. She said, "No just fat." I said, "yeah me too."

Of course, in my defense, she was in a building where an OBGYN office is and was wearing a tight form fitting dress (t-shirt material style) and apparently carries her weight in front like me. Oops! Like I said awesome. Who doesn't like to be asked if they are pregnant when they are so not and probably doesn't want to be.

Actually, I am temping again at the survey place and she was there for the survey. We met in the bathroom down the hall. Oh well, she handled it well and we moved on to other topics like other people we know.

I am praying that despite the low pay this will work into longer term temp. I did get to participate in the survey too which was an easy $60 for a lunch break. Then we were let go an hour earlier than scheduled so a net $50.50 for that hour I guess. Yes, I count every penny. We were able to keep up with the survey groups pretty well which gave us some unwanted down time. Hopefully that won't happen over the next two days.

G is spending the night with my parents and today had a friend out to swim. Then they played at friend's house after that. Tomorrow, she is going to friend's house again at 11 am and may even spend the night (or attempt to do so again). I personally think that is too much togetherness but am going to defer to the grandparents for this. G is being raised by a village of 3, my parents and me.

Anyway, I hope they get along and have a good time. So I am now off to catch up on the news and go to bed.

Monday, July 16, 2012


After basically begging for an answer on the position I interviewed for the Thursday before Memorial Day I got the rejection e-mail that said, "Yes, the Fiscal Supports Specialist position has been filled. I’m sorry you did not receive your phone call." Awesome professionalism, or lack thereof, there was no phone call made for me to receive.

I just don't think I would want to work there anyway. There were two positions I inquired about and I don't actually meet the minimum requirements so I am not going to follow through.

Anyway, I called the research firm that had mentioned project work and he has something beginning this Thursday and then we will talk about other projects. It won't pay well but it will be something so I feel a bit better. Of course the temp agency hasn't actually called me to offer me the position yet which is ticking me off a bit because he was going to specifically ask for me!

So my mom took G and me out to lunch and then we headed to the grocery store since we were in town anyway. We just got back and settled. So my contribution to the lunch was the 10% off coupon we had. It wasn't much but it was something. It was nice being with my mom. I have always enjoyed hanging out with my parents.

Tonight is karate and G is waffling on attendence. I think we will go because even if it is just 2 times a week I need to go.

Friday, July 13, 2012

So Yesterday...

I attempted to use the bread machine I bought (in March) for the first time only to discover a bent cord. Well, that just sucked the mojo right out of me and I pouted over my poor luck laid my plans aside for another day. Well today I jammed that cord in the wall outlet and G and I added all the ingredients for pizza dough.

Then I saw on the pizza dough yeast packet a 30 min recipe instead of the well over an hour the machine's recipe will take. And I added cold water because maybe other people know that when 1 1/3 cups of water is requested it is suppose to be warm, but unless it specifically calls for it I don't. I thought about the need for warm water after I started the machine. I suppose this will be for dinner which would be about the right time for it to be finished.

I am such a chicken in the kitchen, so afraid of messing something up and wasting it. Thus my very lack of kitchen skills. I don't even have the basic skills. Sure I can boil water, boil and egg, fry a sausage patty and bake pre-packaged foods but anything from scratch or anything that requires a lot of ingredients, well, I am supremely intimidated. Actually I think G has stretched me because you know she has to eat healthy.

I have been rejected by Toys R Us. Yes I applied for a job and received the rejection e-mail today. Also, the school where I interviewed the Thursday before Memorial Day has still not contacted me with a yay or nay. The temp position with the survey company that was interested in my computer skills hasn't contacted me either.

Anyway, I called the insurance company and stopped the withdrawal for August. I think I get a 2 month grace period (I will need to make back payments when or if I get a job). While on hold waiting for the answer about what I can or can't do about the payments, I totally broke down crying. The girl came back on the phone and asked to pray for me after explaining the 2 month grace period. This is a Christian based ministry so the prayer was not unexpected and like a warm blanket placed on a cold and weary soul.

Calling them took all my emotional energy, but I need to call the other creditors to let them know I can make no other payments on anything next month. I just am not sure I can get through it today.

This morning at 7 the alarm went off. It is set to wake by music stationed on Klove, Christian music. G didn't get up, and neither did I. We slept for 2 hours while the music played over us. I am not sleeping at night so when I am asleep I wish to stay that way. G doesn't understand why I expect her to go to sleep but I don't. It is very difficult to explain to her that my not sleeping isn't a matter of my not wanting to but a matter of inability to do so. My nerves are frayed and I think I am losing a bit of weight which is not necessarily a bad thing but the reason behind it isn't the best.

Casting Crowns song Praise You in the Storm is on right now. The words are like a balm to my weary soul. I know God is good all the time, and I have no idea why this valley/trial. That is all I can manage right now. I know though I am not forgotten by Him, He loves me and I stand in His resurrection.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

G the Artist

It has been rather damp and humid here with not much to do outside. G decided to draw on the sidewalk. She has played soccer a little and basketball (a little less) but mostly she has been inside with me watching movies or playing with the cat.
Oh and I attempted to plug in the bread machine (that I bought in March but haven't used out of fear of my own failure) and discovered that the brand new machine has a bent prong on the plug. It is bent vertical down the prong and I am not sure I wish to attempt to use it out of fear of burning down the house. I am just a wee bit ticked. This is just the type of stuff that happens to me, seems like.
I may try to straighten the prong out and try again when I get my nerves up again.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

We Traded the Hot Dry Heat for...

Oppressive sultry stick to you warm heat. I think I like the hot dry better. This just makes it hard to breathe. G had her hair cut just a bit and paid with her own money because we had a real stylist cut it. This is the first time in 7 years that G has had a hair cut by anyone other than my mom. Since we keep it long I never wished to fight the drama G displayed when I mentioned going to have her hair cut. Pick your battles, right?

So today is an inside day, much like the others. G is watching a movie and I am between blogging, applying on line for jobs. YEEHAW!

I applied for UE benefits and must now wait for the letter with an appointment time to talk to someone about benefits. Who knows what will happen.

I just heard the wonderful sound of thunder. Hopefully it means more rain and more cooler temps as the sky releases all the humidity.

Saturday, July 07, 2012

Summer Pictures

G has the 3D chalk and made a hopscotch game. It was a long game all the way down the side walk. This was before she left for VA.

Thursday, July 05, 2012

4 Hour Swim

G swam for 4 hours at the going away party for two friends who are returning to Korea on Monday. They lived for a year with an aunt and cousins here to learn English in school. It was a nice send off for them even though the girls absolutely do not wish to return.

G is so very tired and she did not swim with any child there and that made me a bit sad. It was her choice though. Then she didn't get a slice of pizza that she liked. I felt a bit sad for her. She told me she didn't want to go initially because she actually wasn't friends with the girls so she wasn't sure why she was invited but I am friends with the parents. She was starving when we got home. She swam close to 4 1/2 hours.

Now we are settled watching Mary Poppins. She will fall asleep before it goes off. She looks uncomfortable but is too grumpy for me to suggest she move. She has snapped at me twice already.

It was so very hot too. I think it reached 103° today and that around party time. Anyway, mostly G stayed in or around the deep end. She has a little bit of fish in her I think.

Tomorrow my aunt and uncle will be in town so we are heading out to see them at my parents. Fun family week I guess.

July 4th Re-cap

Completely uneventful day. G and I headed to my parents for a cook out. A friend of mine came for lunch. We totally forgot to cut open the watermelon after lunch. Everyone was stuffed despite no watermelon. I got a wonderful 2 hour nap. G had some swim time with grandad alone! Grammie read and stayed cool in the airconditioning. No fireworks because we have had no rain for almost a month. And because as I age I dislike crowds, we avoided professional fireworks.

G is going to a swim going away party this afternoon. I am planning on it being a drop off but I may have to stay. The aunt of the girls doesn't know how to swim and I am not sure what other grown ups will be there.

So financially speaking I have enough money to pay all bills for July but not enough to pay for groc or gas. I also won't have enough for the wifi monthly bill so if I go quiet on 7/13 that is why. And trying to file for unemployment has been difficult to say the least. Right now I can't even get to the website to do so. The calling in is difficult as well and very busy giving a message to call back later and that after being on hold for way too long.

About G's trip, the Washington camp was wonderful and she learned a lot of fun things and did a lot of fun things. Her visit with her cousins was so good she didn't want to come home. One of her little cousins liked her so much that he demanded she be the one to change his diaper and give him a bath, because duh! that is how toddlers express love. And no she did neither but she did pretend so grammie could get the stinky thing changed, heh.

Sunday, July 01, 2012

"Satan Called; He Wants His Weather Back"

I saw this quip on Twitter or Facebook. I thought it was funny. It is currently 9:35pm and 92 degrees outside, WOOT!

G is heading back home tomorrow. They have been affected with power outages so they spent time at Chuckie Cheese and then at the beach and then to a water park to stay cool. Plus I think if they get the kids tired enough they will sleep no matter how hot it gets there. Even though she starts to head home tomorrow she will not get here until Tuesday. The way I have been not sleeping I may stay awake until then.

I spoke with her yesterday and said, "I love you." Her no thought first response was, "No you don't." Huh? She conceded that she knew I loved and missed her and said she just wanted to say that. Well, okay then, moving on.

Then she proceeded to tell me why she won't eat chicken nuggets at McDs but tore the ones up at an end of camp picnic. Her reasoning is that the McDs are very soggy and she likes not soggy ones with dip of honey mustard. That truly is a new one for me; she has never requested honey mustard before (I am sure she has at some point tried it). When she gets home we will focus on finding the perfect ones for her because other than an every now and again bologna or hotdog the only meat she eats is pepperoni (also processed) and fried egg white or boiled egg white, she
hates the yellow.

Of course there is a theory that everything tastes better on vacation than at home so maybe there is my answer.

I am still not working, going on 4 weeks. No success on unemployment trying to file. The freaking out is in the beginning stages, rapidly moving to the middle. I need something to break.

Good message at church today but not about perseverance though I am not sure I would have wanted to hear that. We had a good lesson today in Sunday School too. Even the songs (well the ones I knew) seemed to hit the spot. A lady from Sunday School took me to lunch and she was just a joy to be with. My class really loves me and I am trying to accept that love. My outer shell is pretty thick and very few are allowed in. I am trying.

Feeling very blessed that we are healthy, with power, air, water no destructive happenings like fire or straight line winds but would like to be blessed with a job so I can pay my way. Oh and I have still one obnoxious cat that I love but would not totally hate to finally be an animal free home!