Monday, July 16, 2012


After basically begging for an answer on the position I interviewed for the Thursday before Memorial Day I got the rejection e-mail that said, "Yes, the Fiscal Supports Specialist position has been filled. I’m sorry you did not receive your phone call." Awesome professionalism, or lack thereof, there was no phone call made for me to receive.

I just don't think I would want to work there anyway. There were two positions I inquired about and I don't actually meet the minimum requirements so I am not going to follow through.

Anyway, I called the research firm that had mentioned project work and he has something beginning this Thursday and then we will talk about other projects. It won't pay well but it will be something so I feel a bit better. Of course the temp agency hasn't actually called me to offer me the position yet which is ticking me off a bit because he was going to specifically ask for me!

So my mom took G and me out to lunch and then we headed to the grocery store since we were in town anyway. We just got back and settled. So my contribution to the lunch was the 10% off coupon we had. It wasn't much but it was something. It was nice being with my mom. I have always enjoyed hanging out with my parents.

Tonight is karate and G is waffling on attendence. I think we will go because even if it is just 2 times a week I need to go.



Hi Bev! Cannot believe how big G has gotten, she is so beautiful !! Hope you guys are well!
Cyndi and Delaney


Hi Bev ~ Hope you guys are well, G looks so beautiful! cannot believe how big she is!
Cyndi and Delaney