Thursday, July 19, 2012

I Am So Totally Awesome

Not one to normally toot my own horn but I saw an old (not in age, just in known awhile) friend whom I haven't seen in several years and asked her if she was pregnant. She said, "No just fat." I said, "yeah me too."

Of course, in my defense, she was in a building where an OBGYN office is and was wearing a tight form fitting dress (t-shirt material style) and apparently carries her weight in front like me. Oops! Like I said awesome. Who doesn't like to be asked if they are pregnant when they are so not and probably doesn't want to be.

Actually, I am temping again at the survey place and she was there for the survey. We met in the bathroom down the hall. Oh well, she handled it well and we moved on to other topics like other people we know.

I am praying that despite the low pay this will work into longer term temp. I did get to participate in the survey too which was an easy $60 for a lunch break. Then we were let go an hour earlier than scheduled so a net $50.50 for that hour I guess. Yes, I count every penny. We were able to keep up with the survey groups pretty well which gave us some unwanted down time. Hopefully that won't happen over the next two days.

G is spending the night with my parents and today had a friend out to swim. Then they played at friend's house after that. Tomorrow, she is going to friend's house again at 11 am and may even spend the night (or attempt to do so again). I personally think that is too much togetherness but am going to defer to the grandparents for this. G is being raised by a village of 3, my parents and me.

Anyway, I hope they get along and have a good time. So I am now off to catch up on the news and go to bed.

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