Thursday, July 05, 2012

July 4th Re-cap

Completely uneventful day. G and I headed to my parents for a cook out. A friend of mine came for lunch. We totally forgot to cut open the watermelon after lunch. Everyone was stuffed despite no watermelon. I got a wonderful 2 hour nap. G had some swim time with grandad alone! Grammie read and stayed cool in the airconditioning. No fireworks because we have had no rain for almost a month. And because as I age I dislike crowds, we avoided professional fireworks.

G is going to a swim going away party this afternoon. I am planning on it being a drop off but I may have to stay. The aunt of the girls doesn't know how to swim and I am not sure what other grown ups will be there.

So financially speaking I have enough money to pay all bills for July but not enough to pay for groc or gas. I also won't have enough for the wifi monthly bill so if I go quiet on 7/13 that is why. And trying to file for unemployment has been difficult to say the least. Right now I can't even get to the website to do so. The calling in is difficult as well and very busy giving a message to call back later and that after being on hold for way too long.

About G's trip, the Washington camp was wonderful and she learned a lot of fun things and did a lot of fun things. Her visit with her cousins was so good she didn't want to come home. One of her little cousins liked her so much that he demanded she be the one to change his diaper and give him a bath, because duh! that is how toddlers express love. And no she did neither but she did pretend so grammie could get the stinky thing changed, heh.

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