Friday, July 20, 2012

Okay So No Long Term Assignment

Despite what the owner of the survey company mentioned last time I worked there, he has no projects so tomorrow is the last day for me. Actually I won't go back at all because the girl who I was partnered with who has been there each time I have got a job offer today and she starts Monday so I won't work there if she isn't there. We work too well together with very very few mistakes.

Also the total hours were supposed to be 22 for the three days but he has shortened it to 19. Yea! Me.

I will start calling on Monday to stop all auto withdrawals from the bank and explain that I have no money. And the rear view mirror fell off the window today because it was so hot. Ominous, I know.

G is going to attempt to spend the night at her friend's house tonight. The grandmother has already let me know that she will tell me if G can't or wishes to come home. I hope she makes it because otherwise she will be an overly exhausted bear.

We watched Despicable Me and honestly, most of the cartoon was lost on G. I loved it, particularly the panda rug and gator couch and rhino chair, heh.

She did ask me though, "What if you returned me?" at the scene where he puts the girls back in the car to return them. I am not sure if I have ever mentioned how much I dislike the "what if" questions G throws at me. Mostly, I don't because they are questions that will never nor could they ever happen and she holds on to them like a rapid dog. So I pointed out how I wouldn't and couldn't ever return her and that the movie just needed a story line. And as only G can do she continued to ask the question in a myriad of different ways until I grew frustrated and pulled my hair out told her to stop asking. Seriously, rapid dog.

Anyway, both now the grand mom of friend and the mom of friend say G wishes to stay with them so we shall see. I am praying she makes it.

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Vivian M said...

Kerri used to worry and ask those kind of questions....part of insecure attachment I guess, or just dealing with the knowledge that her birth family abandoned her, so why wouldn't we? We always reassured her we would never do that, but she tested us to see if it was true. "We love you forever, no matter what" has become a mantra in our home. Good luck with the sleepover!