Sunday, July 01, 2012

"Satan Called; He Wants His Weather Back"

I saw this quip on Twitter or Facebook. I thought it was funny. It is currently 9:35pm and 92 degrees outside, WOOT!

G is heading back home tomorrow. They have been affected with power outages so they spent time at Chuckie Cheese and then at the beach and then to a water park to stay cool. Plus I think if they get the kids tired enough they will sleep no matter how hot it gets there. Even though she starts to head home tomorrow she will not get here until Tuesday. The way I have been not sleeping I may stay awake until then.

I spoke with her yesterday and said, "I love you." Her no thought first response was, "No you don't." Huh? She conceded that she knew I loved and missed her and said she just wanted to say that. Well, okay then, moving on.

Then she proceeded to tell me why she won't eat chicken nuggets at McDs but tore the ones up at an end of camp picnic. Her reasoning is that the McDs are very soggy and she likes not soggy ones with dip of honey mustard. That truly is a new one for me; she has never requested honey mustard before (I am sure she has at some point tried it). When she gets home we will focus on finding the perfect ones for her because other than an every now and again bologna or hotdog the only meat she eats is pepperoni (also processed) and fried egg white or boiled egg white, she
hates the yellow.

Of course there is a theory that everything tastes better on vacation than at home so maybe there is my answer.

I am still not working, going on 4 weeks. No success on unemployment trying to file. The freaking out is in the beginning stages, rapidly moving to the middle. I need something to break.

Good message at church today but not about perseverance though I am not sure I would have wanted to hear that. We had a good lesson today in Sunday School too. Even the songs (well the ones I knew) seemed to hit the spot. A lady from Sunday School took me to lunch and she was just a joy to be with. My class really loves me and I am trying to accept that love. My outer shell is pretty thick and very few are allowed in. I am trying.

Feeling very blessed that we are healthy, with power, air, water no destructive happenings like fire or straight line winds but would like to be blessed with a job so I can pay my way. Oh and I have still one obnoxious cat that I love but would not totally hate to finally be an animal free home!

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