Thursday, July 26, 2012

So This Being Unemployed Is Disconcerting

I can't seem to keep up with the days of the week or the dates. Yesterday was our Gotcha Day and today is the day it was made final/official. And it has been 7 very interesting years of ups, downs, frustrations and thrills. Here is a recap of that time in 2005 with commentary two years after the trip.

We did nothing fun or specific for the day with no plans to do anything today. I gave G three Geronimo Stilton books (cheap from Amazon) and the movie Gnomeo and Juliet (also cheap from Amazon) that we already watched. By the way I still personally liked Despicable Me better. Maybe the whole Shakespeare thing has been done to death.

So it has been miserably hot. One of our Karate teachers invited us to use his pool but to let him know when we are coming so he can put the dogs up. Issues with swimming are use of the bathroom (like where is it located?) and planning in enough advance to let him get the dogs put up. I hate planning that far in advance so maybe we will go Sunday afternoon from 4-6.

I did get the yard mowed and finished yesterday. I started it Tuesday but ran out of gas and then it wouldn't start. Yesterday I cleaned the filter and unhooked/rehooked the spark plug which made it start with no problems. Now though I have a headache which could be sinus or a tooth beginning to abcess I pray not.

G is currently watching PBS wanting a new project to start. We attempted to decoupage a table top with some school/sport pictures of her and art work from school. Learned a couple things: construction paper doesn't decoupage well and markers will run and ruin the very art work you want to display. Oh and notebook paper notes don't do well either. I am a little disappointed. G however is fine with it and is ready to do the next project. And for that we had to go buy glue because who'd a thunk we had no school glue at this house?! I was incredulous that after 3 years of school we had no left over glue. Crayons? yeah we got those and pah-lenty of them! And no they aren't pretty enough to do a project with. I ruined a cupcake pan once with a melty crayon project that didn't turn out well either.

I am reading to G two books right now, The Hobbit and Diary of a Wimpy Kid. She has read the second one already but I am reading it to her at night before bed. The Hobbit is an afternoon read and we just finished the 1st chapter yesterday. There are many G interruptions asking questions some valid some not so much. But the movie is coming in December and I really want to see it. Maybe or maybe not with G depending on the scare factor.

So Happy Family Day, G!

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You're such a great mom Bev:)