Saturday, July 28, 2012


G's seaweed snack that used to be only $1.49 per 96 pieces has jumped $4.50 to $5.99 for the same amount at the Chinese Market. UNBELIEVABLE. I am flabbergasted at this price. Makes me ill. I really can't afford to buy it now.

I hate that for her too because she really does like it and it seems to be the only throw back to her days in China.

The other day I showed G a picture of a beach in China that was built or used for the 2008 olympics. The beach was crowded. She looked at it and said, "They all have black hair." This coming from my black haired Chinese daughter, heh.

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Vivian M said...

What is the name of the seaweed snack Miss G likes? I am a short walk away from Chinatown but we leave in a couple days. If you can email me the info or a picture, I will see if we can find it here and send it to you.