Saturday, August 25, 2012

This Has Turned Out to Be a Great Weekend

The original plans for the day included a karate rank test for me early at like 9am, 5:30 karate demonstration for a back to school bash, and lots of time with G. So last night I was told that the 9am rank test was cancelled much to my greatfulness because Friday morning I woke up cursing the inability to get to sleep in on Saturday. Then due to rain storms, the demonstration was nixed. As soon as the demonstration was cancelled, like a smile from God, a friend of G's invited her over to play! YIPPEE! Seriously, I have a good 3 hours now by myself.

I said to G, "This is turning out to be a great weekend." And she said, "It is for me too!"
OOPS, I did not mean to say that outloud. She said I could finally take a nap. I knew G would be glad to play with this little girl because they were friends last year but the child moved an hour away this year. This child is back visiting her grandmother's house for the weekend while her baby brother visits his grandmother's house. Yes, there is a bit of adult drama/confusion happening in the family.

It is for the best though that this family move to the new city, better schools and job opportunities there. Then the grandmother told me somethings that happened to this child in the same school district in which G was bullied. To this child the comments and actions were se*xual in nature towards her from little boys while they were all in the 1st grade. I have got to get G out of this school district before jr. high for sure.

These pictures were taken earlier today, G on the couch with the cat and G wrapping her leg with a ribbon to look like she hurt it. She told me this week that she wishes she could have crutches like a little boy in her class. I remember being her age and wishing I could have a cast or braces or crutches. Of course when I did get stitches it was when I was WAY older and not a pleasant experience.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Looking a Little Unsure

First day of school is always so complicated. Here she is getting ready to walk through the door.
G was not sure she wished to sit in this desk. I preferred to always sit close to the front so I encouraged her to do so so she can see over the heads of the other kids and so she wouldn't get forgotten in her oh so quiet ways. Yes she is forgotten in classes because of her being so quiet.
And now that I am at work I can say for certain that the doctors did fire the OM. But now the work has taken a halt and I haven't a thing to do.
The interview wasn't set up like I sort of expected but it happened anyway. I should know yes or no in two weeks.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Night Before 3rd Grade

G has poison oak I think. She has some what looked liked mosquito bites in some very strange locations but now she has spots/bumps, not necessarily rashes, all on her thighs, inside and out, as well as on her torso and her back. She is not scratching them but they aren't going away either. The strange locations are causing an itchy discomfort which is requiring intervention prior to use of the to*ilet. We will she how she makes it tomorrow. She also has molluscom again but the bumps are very different and spread faster.

All this happening the weekend before the first day of 3rd grade. Just lovely, don't you think. Anyway a lady at church gave us a whole kit of stuff to try to dry up the bumps including gauze to cover it for bedtime.

My mom thought maybe it was fifths disease but after consulting doc google I decided it isn't (1st she hasn't had a fever and no rash on the face). It may not be poison oak either but that is how I am going to treat it because it acts like it in the spreading but not in the constant itching. Seriously, I haven't had to put anything on her except at night before bedtime. She might get sent home tomorrow because of this but I am sending her to school anyway.

So before school starts and the new work week, we have gotten the laundry done, the yard mowed and her backpack ready. WHOOT! G's lunch box we ordered hasn't arrived but she decided she would take the brown/pink one until it does. Now we only have to get back into the habit of going to bed and SLEEP earlier so we can get up earlier in the morning.

Hopefully I will remember to take pictures of her first day of school!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Horrors of Horrors

RIP my Mr. Coffee Cappuccino machine, 3rd one in 6 years. Can't believe it. That is the one treat I make myself so I am not tempted to buy one. Now whaddamigonnado?

I have a French press but that is just not the same as the first coffee being my homemade cappuccino in the morning.

Just when things seem to be going well, WHAMMO! struck down by ailing machines, heh.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Another Interview

I have an interview at 8am Monday morning. Hopefully it will turn into something because it is MUCH closer to home and not PRN.

Today at work, the Administrator (from now on referred to as the OM office manager) told me to not leave a paper trail by only submitting the daily work on post it notes unlike e-mail which I had done at the request of both my supervisor and manager. Then the OM told my manager behind my back, "She (referring to me) will not change the rules here."

See I have a piece of paper that says I am smart and can learn stuff and think important thoughts. Truly, my piece of paper only states that idea with the degree: MS. I am not denigrating higher ed degrees per se but I chose not to work in the field where my degree would be most effective. I chose to go elsewhere with it which in this particular economy happens to be hurting me. Some people are intimidated by that piece of paper and truly shouldn't be.

So some people feel that I might be able to see problems and try to fix them on my own. The first part actually happens to be true, I can see things fairly quickly but the last part is not. I do not try to fix them on my own. I sometimes in the past have made recommendations but coming into this job I knew better than to do anything like that because I was forewarned. This OM I believe is a bit intimidated by that piece of paper.

Seems also, the lady is a wee bit out of control, doesn't have a handle on much in the office and is afraid that someone might come in and see that, so she is trying to control everything about the office down to the post it notes which she loses sometimes and has in the past accused my supervisor of not turning in, thus the e-mail or rather paper-trail.

Also, the project OM gave me to do on Monday that I turned in that afternoon, she gave to my supervisor to audit "discreetly" then asked me today where the final version was and was it ready for presentation, also that supervisor was auditing it. I e-mailed and said that as far as I knew I submitted the final and that I didn't know supervisor was auditing it, nor did I know it was for a presentation.

She then e-mails supervisor who tells her the errors she and I discussed were corrected, except they weren't because we didn't discuss any errors because there weren't any. Then OM e-mails the project to my manager, who by the way wasn't even told I was given a project, and told to get the errors I had made corrected because the supervisor said there were many errors. HUNH??

And the best part is that the OM didn't include me in on any of these other e-mails. I discovered what was happening when my manager included me on a reply to the OM saying, "Is this the list you mean?" So I went to her and asked to what she was referring and saw the e-mail to her from the OM mentioning all those errors, that aren't there.

Seems my supervisor had enough and left early today very upset at the whole office. I can see why. I am quite frustrated too. OM also sent an office wide "competency quiz"this morning which I didn't see until almost the end of the day because I wasn't officially trained on the software other than my specific duty and which apparently no one answered. I am learning things on my own but a little cheat sheet would be nice on things like intersoftware email ability.

I replied that I had not been officially trained on anything other than the actual grind work I am doing. Any thinking or investigating or otherwise trying to help, I have been very discouraged from attempting. Problem is no one, and I mean no one, wants to help fix a problem because, "that is not my job" or "it is only $50" or "just give it to your manager that is all OM would do" or they are like me and way to new to the job to know how to fix it.

My supervisor and I are finding lots of errors she is making. Let's just say I discovered a way to balance my work without including hers and that concept totally went over her head, but this way I don't have to see her errors anymore if we happen to share work.

I have discovered something she did not know about the information in the report we use to balance our work, which means she has rarely, and possibly never, balanced her work or if she did it was still probably negatively affected by this information. She insisted something coded a certain way was never in the report only for me to discover that it actually is in the report and causes the numbers to be off if they aren't included in our work. Although the numbers might match or be close there still could be a big problem offset by this information.

She however is very fast, though incorrect, which in the short term might look good, but in the long term there is quite a bit for someone to fix. And she thinks she is balanced even if she is off by a visit or two. No biggie unless it is $500 or more off, unlike me who gets a stomach ache and can't sleep if it isn't balanced perfectly to the penny.

What I hope is that I get this other job, that the OM leaves and my supervisor gets to stay and retire from this company like she said. That would be the best of both worlds. I do like my supervisor and appreciate and understand her value to the company. I wish things would not be so stressful there.

Tomorrow is Friday, I have to bring my lunch. Good thing the noodles were $.89 at the grocer's, I am set for 10 weeks if I remain.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Okay, So Day 5

Everything seems to be going well. This morning at 2:25 a.m. I woke up cramping severely. I took the Midol complete with the fatigue part which means caffeine and no sleep. So finally at 5 am I just got up and got ready for the day. I am exhausted too. Thankfully G spent the night at the grandparents.

Last night was the meet the teacher night. I think we are going to like her. I am so not happy about having to buy an agenda book for $8. Really, a required by all children at the public school book having to be bought?!?!?! This is wrong on SO MANY LEVELS. I feel badly about letting the office worker know how unhappy I was about having to buy something that a public school required but, there it is.

Anywho, lunches so far have been very good. I haven't had to worry about bringing a lunch.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Day 4 and On My Lunch Break

Today I completed the new hire paperwork. Some web sites I still haven't access too. Working on a project that is supposed to tell the boss that I am capable of doing work. Still think she is a whako but will deal with it well enough.

Tonight is meet the teacher night. I almost forgot all about it and sent G to spend the night with the grandparents to be brought home tomorrow night. Since she will be with me on the meet the teacher night she won't have to spend the night with them. So my dad will pick her up in the morn again and I will have to get up earlier than planned to get her ready which I don't mind. I am not ready for her to have to get up so early until school starts. Goal is to let her sleep until 7 and then until 6:45 when school starts for breakfast.

Other than that things seem to be going okay and I am very glad to have a job. It isn't difficult by any means. Learning the system and how the reports work will take a minute particularly since I haven't been on it yet.

Okay, so that is all the update with 6 minutes to spare left to lunch.

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Okay, Day One

The place is as whacky as I feared. Then it dawned on me, the offer e-mail had PRN on it not permanent employee. So I am a temp but without the temp benefits I had achieved from the temp place where I worked the majority of hours. And no one else knew but the administrator who isn't even there. HMMM...

And lunch, although it is free is a c*ap shoot. So I may bring lunches I can store in the fridge. I have already seen the job will be easy, not meaning I will be perfect but I will be able to do the job easily, that is if I make it past the admin/office manager's return on Monday, heh.

I am still not sure that I will be paid for these two days despite what the billing manager (immediate boss) says.

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Singin' In the Rain

No it isn't raining here but G and I watched that very classic movie today. I love it, G not so much.

The billing manager texted me and said the office manager would be out of the office the rest of the week, did I want to come in and start training. So I called her and said, "(Office manager) hasn't called me. Is the official new hire paperwork ready? Will I be paid for the days?" She assured me I will be and that I have to go for a drug screen first thing. I told her I would go tonight because other than a benadryl and lots of coffee I have nothing in my system.

So the office manager won't be back until next week. Can you believe the lack of professionalism? And the reason she sent me back home on Monday, the not having the end of the month closed, is still not complete. I am just going in to take notes from the girl with whom I will be working.

So I guess I will swallow my pride and show up tomorrow despite my now distrust of the office manager. Hopefully, it will go smoothly. And the best news of the whole thing is lunch is always provided, daily. WOOHOO! Not having to provide lunch will save me quite a bit.

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Book Review: Called to Controversy

The story of Moishe Rosen, founder of Jews for Jesus, conversion to Christianity from Judaism. This account is written by his daughter Ruth Rosen.

I really enjoyed reading about his family upbringing and tales from his life growing up. One summer he joined the National Guard without telling his parents and was almost deployed until his father found out letting the base know Moishe was underage and should never have been allowed to sign up.

The telling of his bar mitzvah was rather sad since there was no big party for him due to the lack of money in his family. His father was highly disappointed in his conversion even going so far as to deny him, declaring him dead to the family. Moishe gives his father credit though for doing what he feels he is supposed to do according to the Jewish religion.

His wife, Ceil, also came from a painful experience in her childhood of losing her birth father and being split from her twin brother due to an adoption. The adoptive family basically tricked the father into signing his rights away after her mother passed. There was a re-uniting much later but also another loss in Ceil's life once she converted to Christianity. Ceil and Moishe seemed to have been created to be together and once they started dating they just accepted that marriage was the future. It is a very sweet story of love and commitment.

Re-counting the founding of Jews for Jesus and the struggles, stereotyping, and lack of understanding Moishe saw in the evangelical Christian church gives a strong lesson to missions minded Christians regarding the importance of understanding the culture being reached.

This book was provided to me in exchange for my opinion. This is 100% my own opinion.

Soccer Shoes, no pics

I suggested that G call grammie to see if she would take her to get soccer shoes and shin guards. The last set of shin guards and shoes she out grew so I gave them to Goodwill. G was so excited and jumped up and down saying, "I love shopping for me." We found a rather inexpensive pair but they go up every year. Very simple pair too and the shin guards were on clearance, yippee!

G is not in love with them and claims they are too tight although they are one size bigger than her actual foot size so I don't know. She only has to wear them for practice and games and neither of those things have started yet.

The office manager still has not called. Unemployment certification is still being held up. I am not receiving anything from the state, yet. I have had several counties far outside of my area invite me for interviews (at my expense) but since these are entry level positions there won't be any moving expenses included.

I have roofers on the house banging and jumping and making all sorts of noise causing stuff to fall from the ceiling. I am thinking some of that is totally unnecessary. I hope they are finished soon.

G went home with grandad only because he said he will come back later to pay the roofers. I tried to get G to spend the night out there and come home Wed. night but she wouldn't. I don't know what has gotten into her with no wanting to spend the night at my parents lately. It isn't like we are having loads of fun here. We are pretty much stuck at home, no biggie, doing normal things but she claims boardom.

When I suggest she spend the night out there with the pool, the Wii, the puzzles, the I-pad, and fast computer connection, she poo poos the idea to stay home. The problem is my parent live 15 mins north of me so it is quite expensive to make several trips there or they here a day, particularly when gas is 3.40+ a gallon. Spending the night just spreads the trips out over several days.

Maybe tomorrow I will have something pop up interview wise for this area not so far out or the Monday job will actually call.

Monday, August 06, 2012

Enough of the Debbie Downer, On To G Conversations

So the other morning before the wake up time (for summer anyway), G, who still sleeps with me, woke me up to announce she had to go potty. So I told her to go already since she doesn't have to ask my permission. She got out of the bed and turned the light on in the bathroom but it didn't come on.

I heard her say, "Ohmygosh ohmygosh ohmygosh" as she ran back and jumped on the bed scared out of her wits.

I said, "What are you doing?"

She said, "Something is wrong, the light won't come on, the satellite is out."

I said, "Well turn on the light over the sink, and lights don't work on satellite. The bulb blew that is all."

Then the other night I was getting ready for bed as G was already in the bed playing scrabble on the kindle. I came out and she told me she won that game I had started. I congratulated her and she said (very slyly), "Mama, I used a bad word."

I said, "You did?"

She said, "Yes, the 's' word."

I said, "What 's' word? 'shut up' or 'stupid'." Of course, I was thinking of one other 4 letter version.

She said, "s-e-x"

I said, "Sex? That isn't a bad word. That is a beautiful word when it is between a husband and wife. God created it for moms and dads to enjoy and have babies. Who told you that was a dirty word?"

She said, "cousin" Oh, okay then, carry on.

You Will NOT Believe This

So I go to work and the office manager who offered me the job in a 4 line cryptic e-mail said, "There must have been a misunderstanding. I am not ready for you. We are doing month end stuff and I don't have time for you." In the lobby of the doctor office with patients and all. She said she had seen my e-mail but didn't read it therefore she didn't bother to call me.

I had sent an e-mail back requesting permission to show up on Monday and I also e-mailed the billing manager about it. The billing manager is who I would be working directly under. The office manager is over the billing manager. I would assume the billing manager would be told about a new hire offer. So the billing manager said, "see you Monday." I wrongly apparently assumed that the office manager had told her that I was coming and they were in agreement.

So the office manager sent me home with promises to call sometime today. To say I am NOT happy is an understatement. I looked like a fool and felt like one. I have no start date.

I am a big puddle of tears because of course my whole church practically knew I was starting today but alas I didn't. One of the retired nurses brought me a stack of scrubs and lab coats to keep so I could start. I doubt based on this office manager's abilities that I will start this week. It wouldn't surprise me.

So today I will be going swimming with G again (we went last night), then to karate to work my frustration out.

Saturday, August 04, 2012

Productive Saturday

Finished mowing the yard. It was hot but not as hot as this morning would have been.

This is a picture of G and our cat (last animal), Simon. I believe I was not in the room and found them this way when I came in Thursday. They were both so quiet that I wasn't sure what they were up too, you know? Quiet children can sometimes not be a good thing. Anyway, they were just comfortably lying on the couch. Simon's head is only up because I came in; initially he had his head twisted upside down asleep. She wasn't asleep at all, just enjoying the quiet and the cat.

Simon is a very very cool cat though he too is old. He had a rough life before joining us and then had to endure the indignity of being the dog's play thing. He was a very good sport about it though. He has thoroughly gotten used to being kicked out of the bedroom. He is no longer welcome and we both are sleeping better for it. He has a box with a pillow in the corner of the kitchen where he can be found most evenings.

After Simon passes, we will be pet less for a year, preferably several years. I don't know how old Simon is though so it will be difficult to gage the beginning of the blissful end of pet ownership. Can you tell I am looking forward to it?

Off to get ready for bed.

Yes, I Have a Job

I received confirmation that I do start on Monday. So I will borrow a lab coat until I can afford my own. Today, is a day of laundry. I have to figure out lunch for Monday. G will go to the grandparents until school starts. Hopefully the hours will remain 8:30am to 5pm with a 30 min lunch.

So I haven't gotten the unemployment for time I have been off. I don't know that I will. I will have to have help paying for gas to go to work or getting a job is useless.

Anyway, G goes to school on 8/20, 3rd grade. I think we will both be glad to be in a routine. Getting a job really does take knowing someone. The temp agency had called for me to be on standby for a call center for 3 weeks paying $9/hr (paid only if I was called) but wouldn't send my resume to other call center job openings because I am "above that level" their words, no joke. Maybe there is another reason but they aren't telling me what it is.

In celebration, G and I rented Nanny McPhee Returns from am*azon. It is pretty cute for what it is and espouses. We have had to talk about having faith for faith's sake rather than having faith in someone or something. So off to finish the movie.

Friday, August 03, 2012

Okay, So I Think I Have a Job

At 11:28 am I received an e-mail (but didn't check it until 9pm) offering me the position for the job I interviewed at on Monday. So I e-mailed back tonight and said I would be there Monday morning unless she wished me to come on Tuesday. So we will see.