Thursday, August 16, 2012

Another Interview

I have an interview at 8am Monday morning. Hopefully it will turn into something because it is MUCH closer to home and not PRN.

Today at work, the Administrator (from now on referred to as the OM office manager) told me to not leave a paper trail by only submitting the daily work on post it notes unlike e-mail which I had done at the request of both my supervisor and manager. Then the OM told my manager behind my back, "She (referring to me) will not change the rules here."

See I have a piece of paper that says I am smart and can learn stuff and think important thoughts. Truly, my piece of paper only states that idea with the degree: MS. I am not denigrating higher ed degrees per se but I chose not to work in the field where my degree would be most effective. I chose to go elsewhere with it which in this particular economy happens to be hurting me. Some people are intimidated by that piece of paper and truly shouldn't be.

So some people feel that I might be able to see problems and try to fix them on my own. The first part actually happens to be true, I can see things fairly quickly but the last part is not. I do not try to fix them on my own. I sometimes in the past have made recommendations but coming into this job I knew better than to do anything like that because I was forewarned. This OM I believe is a bit intimidated by that piece of paper.

Seems also, the lady is a wee bit out of control, doesn't have a handle on much in the office and is afraid that someone might come in and see that, so she is trying to control everything about the office down to the post it notes which she loses sometimes and has in the past accused my supervisor of not turning in, thus the e-mail or rather paper-trail.

Also, the project OM gave me to do on Monday that I turned in that afternoon, she gave to my supervisor to audit "discreetly" then asked me today where the final version was and was it ready for presentation, also that supervisor was auditing it. I e-mailed and said that as far as I knew I submitted the final and that I didn't know supervisor was auditing it, nor did I know it was for a presentation.

She then e-mails supervisor who tells her the errors she and I discussed were corrected, except they weren't because we didn't discuss any errors because there weren't any. Then OM e-mails the project to my manager, who by the way wasn't even told I was given a project, and told to get the errors I had made corrected because the supervisor said there were many errors. HUNH??

And the best part is that the OM didn't include me in on any of these other e-mails. I discovered what was happening when my manager included me on a reply to the OM saying, "Is this the list you mean?" So I went to her and asked to what she was referring and saw the e-mail to her from the OM mentioning all those errors, that aren't there.

Seems my supervisor had enough and left early today very upset at the whole office. I can see why. I am quite frustrated too. OM also sent an office wide "competency quiz"this morning which I didn't see until almost the end of the day because I wasn't officially trained on the software other than my specific duty and which apparently no one answered. I am learning things on my own but a little cheat sheet would be nice on things like intersoftware email ability.

I replied that I had not been officially trained on anything other than the actual grind work I am doing. Any thinking or investigating or otherwise trying to help, I have been very discouraged from attempting. Problem is no one, and I mean no one, wants to help fix a problem because, "that is not my job" or "it is only $50" or "just give it to your manager that is all OM would do" or they are like me and way to new to the job to know how to fix it.

My supervisor and I are finding lots of errors she is making. Let's just say I discovered a way to balance my work without including hers and that concept totally went over her head, but this way I don't have to see her errors anymore if we happen to share work.

I have discovered something she did not know about the information in the report we use to balance our work, which means she has rarely, and possibly never, balanced her work or if she did it was still probably negatively affected by this information. She insisted something coded a certain way was never in the report only for me to discover that it actually is in the report and causes the numbers to be off if they aren't included in our work. Although the numbers might match or be close there still could be a big problem offset by this information.

She however is very fast, though incorrect, which in the short term might look good, but in the long term there is quite a bit for someone to fix. And she thinks she is balanced even if she is off by a visit or two. No biggie unless it is $500 or more off, unlike me who gets a stomach ache and can't sleep if it isn't balanced perfectly to the penny.

What I hope is that I get this other job, that the OM leaves and my supervisor gets to stay and retire from this company like she said. That would be the best of both worlds. I do like my supervisor and appreciate and understand her value to the company. I wish things would not be so stressful there.

Tomorrow is Friday, I have to bring my lunch. Good thing the noodles were $.89 at the grocer's, I am set for 10 weeks if I remain.

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Vivian M said...

Good luck on the interview! I think your OM suffers from "The Peter Principle": she may have been effective once, but might have been promoted beyond her capabilities. Or she could have lied on her resume, lol. It really sounds like she is threatened by you and your degree. Hang in there!