Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Day 4 and On My Lunch Break

Today I completed the new hire paperwork. Some web sites I still haven't access too. Working on a project that is supposed to tell the boss that I am capable of doing work. Still think she is a whako but will deal with it well enough.

Tonight is meet the teacher night. I almost forgot all about it and sent G to spend the night with the grandparents to be brought home tomorrow night. Since she will be with me on the meet the teacher night she won't have to spend the night with them. So my dad will pick her up in the morn again and I will have to get up earlier than planned to get her ready which I don't mind. I am not ready for her to have to get up so early until school starts. Goal is to let her sleep until 7 and then until 6:45 when school starts for breakfast.

Other than that things seem to be going okay and I am very glad to have a job. It isn't difficult by any means. Learning the system and how the reports work will take a minute particularly since I haven't been on it yet.

Okay, so that is all the update with 6 minutes to spare left to lunch.

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