Monday, August 20, 2012

Looking a Little Unsure

First day of school is always so complicated. Here she is getting ready to walk through the door.
G was not sure she wished to sit in this desk. I preferred to always sit close to the front so I encouraged her to do so so she can see over the heads of the other kids and so she wouldn't get forgotten in her oh so quiet ways. Yes she is forgotten in classes because of her being so quiet.
And now that I am at work I can say for certain that the doctors did fire the OM. But now the work has taken a halt and I haven't a thing to do.
The interview wasn't set up like I sort of expected but it happened anyway. I should know yes or no in two weeks.


Vivian M said...

Good luck! Sounds like the OM got what s/he deserved.

Miss G looks so grown up. Hope this year is wonderful for you both!

(And get well soon Miss G - itchy bumps are no fun).

The Byrd's Nest said...

Praying for sweet G and a YES for the job!!!!!!!!!!