Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Okay, So Day 5

Everything seems to be going well. This morning at 2:25 a.m. I woke up cramping severely. I took the Midol complete with the fatigue part which means caffeine and no sleep. So finally at 5 am I just got up and got ready for the day. I am exhausted too. Thankfully G spent the night at the grandparents.

Last night was the meet the teacher night. I think we are going to like her. I am so not happy about having to buy an agenda book for $8. Really, a required by all children at the public school book having to be bought?!?!?! This is wrong on SO MANY LEVELS. I feel badly about letting the office worker know how unhappy I was about having to buy something that a public school required but, there it is.

Anywho, lunches so far have been very good. I haven't had to worry about bringing a lunch.


Lauri said...

You get to meet your child's teacher before school starts??

That does not happen in our district... we don't meet the teacher formally until October and we will be lucky if we see her since they don't allow parents to walk kids into the classroom.

supply lists are insane.

congrats on the job

Vivian M said...

Don't feel so bad. Our agenda is $10.00 and required (and hardly used). And we do not know who the teacher is until the first day, where we line up outside until our name is called and it is chaos with the hundreds of kids. The parents only get to meet the teacher for ten minutes in 4-8 weeks from when school starts.