Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Singin' In the Rain

No it isn't raining here but G and I watched that very classic movie today. I love it, G not so much.

The billing manager texted me and said the office manager would be out of the office the rest of the week, did I want to come in and start training. So I called her and said, "(Office manager) hasn't called me. Is the official new hire paperwork ready? Will I be paid for the days?" She assured me I will be and that I have to go for a drug screen first thing. I told her I would go tonight because other than a benadryl and lots of coffee I have nothing in my system.

So the office manager won't be back until next week. Can you believe the lack of professionalism? And the reason she sent me back home on Monday, the not having the end of the month closed, is still not complete. I am just going in to take notes from the girl with whom I will be working.

So I guess I will swallow my pride and show up tomorrow despite my now distrust of the office manager. Hopefully, it will go smoothly. And the best news of the whole thing is lunch is always provided, daily. WOOHOO! Not having to provide lunch will save me quite a bit.


jennifer said...

Yeah! I hope that everything works out. It's not good to start with distrust, but hopefully it was a misunderstanding that will be corrected.

Vivian M said...

Wishing you all the best as you start training! Free lunch is always a good thing. :o)