Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Soccer Shoes, no pics

I suggested that G call grammie to see if she would take her to get soccer shoes and shin guards. The last set of shin guards and shoes she out grew so I gave them to Goodwill. G was so excited and jumped up and down saying, "I love shopping for me." We found a rather inexpensive pair but they go up every year. Very simple pair too and the shin guards were on clearance, yippee!

G is not in love with them and claims they are too tight although they are one size bigger than her actual foot size so I don't know. She only has to wear them for practice and games and neither of those things have started yet.

The office manager still has not called. Unemployment certification is still being held up. I am not receiving anything from the state, yet. I have had several counties far outside of my area invite me for interviews (at my expense) but since these are entry level positions there won't be any moving expenses included.

I have roofers on the house banging and jumping and making all sorts of noise causing stuff to fall from the ceiling. I am thinking some of that is totally unnecessary. I hope they are finished soon.

G went home with grandad only because he said he will come back later to pay the roofers. I tried to get G to spend the night out there and come home Wed. night but she wouldn't. I don't know what has gotten into her with no wanting to spend the night at my parents lately. It isn't like we are having loads of fun here. We are pretty much stuck at home, no biggie, doing normal things but she claims boardom.

When I suggest she spend the night out there with the pool, the Wii, the puzzles, the I-pad, and fast computer connection, she poo poos the idea to stay home. The problem is my parent live 15 mins north of me so it is quite expensive to make several trips there or they here a day, particularly when gas is 3.40+ a gallon. Spending the night just spreads the trips out over several days.

Maybe tomorrow I will have something pop up interview wise for this area not so far out or the Monday job will actually call.

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