Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Night Before 3rd Grade

G has poison oak I think. She has some what looked liked mosquito bites in some very strange locations but now she has spots/bumps, not necessarily rashes, all on her thighs, inside and out, as well as on her torso and her back. She is not scratching them but they aren't going away either. The strange locations are causing an itchy discomfort which is requiring intervention prior to use of the to*ilet. We will she how she makes it tomorrow. She also has molluscom again but the bumps are very different and spread faster.

All this happening the weekend before the first day of 3rd grade. Just lovely, don't you think. Anyway a lady at church gave us a whole kit of stuff to try to dry up the bumps including gauze to cover it for bedtime.

My mom thought maybe it was fifths disease but after consulting doc google I decided it isn't (1st she hasn't had a fever and no rash on the face). It may not be poison oak either but that is how I am going to treat it because it acts like it in the spreading but not in the constant itching. Seriously, I haven't had to put anything on her except at night before bedtime. She might get sent home tomorrow because of this but I am sending her to school anyway.

So before school starts and the new work week, we have gotten the laundry done, the yard mowed and her backpack ready. WHOOT! G's lunch box we ordered hasn't arrived but she decided she would take the brown/pink one until it does. Now we only have to get back into the habit of going to bed and SLEEP earlier so we can get up earlier in the morning.

Hopefully I will remember to take pictures of her first day of school!


Jennifer said...

Oh no!! Hope you figure it out quickly & she gets better soon. I hate that it's at the beginning of school.

Hope she has a great year!

Vivian M said...

Get well soon Miss G! And have a great first day of school!