Saturday, August 25, 2012

This Has Turned Out to Be a Great Weekend

The original plans for the day included a karate rank test for me early at like 9am, 5:30 karate demonstration for a back to school bash, and lots of time with G. So last night I was told that the 9am rank test was cancelled much to my greatfulness because Friday morning I woke up cursing the inability to get to sleep in on Saturday. Then due to rain storms, the demonstration was nixed. As soon as the demonstration was cancelled, like a smile from God, a friend of G's invited her over to play! YIPPEE! Seriously, I have a good 3 hours now by myself.

I said to G, "This is turning out to be a great weekend." And she said, "It is for me too!"
OOPS, I did not mean to say that outloud. She said I could finally take a nap. I knew G would be glad to play with this little girl because they were friends last year but the child moved an hour away this year. This child is back visiting her grandmother's house for the weekend while her baby brother visits his grandmother's house. Yes, there is a bit of adult drama/confusion happening in the family.

It is for the best though that this family move to the new city, better schools and job opportunities there. Then the grandmother told me somethings that happened to this child in the same school district in which G was bullied. To this child the comments and actions were se*xual in nature towards her from little boys while they were all in the 1st grade. I have got to get G out of this school district before jr. high for sure.

These pictures were taken earlier today, G on the couch with the cat and G wrapping her leg with a ribbon to look like she hurt it. She told me this week that she wishes she could have crutches like a little boy in her class. I remember being her age and wishing I could have a cast or braces or crutches. Of course when I did get stitches it was when I was WAY older and not a pleasant experience.

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Vivian M said...

Glad you all had a good weekend. :o)