Saturday, September 08, 2012

Almost a Weekend Disaster

The weekend plan initially was to eat breakfast, go to soccer games, come home, eat lunch while also doing laundry, go get gas in car and do a little grocery shopping. As we all know the phrase, best laid plans of mice and men (probably didn't even quote it correctly). Don't know from where it comes and don't really care at this moment.

So the storms came through our little town last night knocking power out but drastically lowering the temp to much more appropriate fall-ish weather. Thankfully as far as I know there were no deaths as in Oklahoma or flooding like in Missouri. Soccer games were cancelled due to heavy muddy fields which, yea for me because I was not really looking forward to going today.

Then I started to make breakfast; G gets a hot breakfast every morning, either grits and hash browns (which I now know what is meant by "slinging hash browns"), fried egg and waffle or something else but can't remember right now. And I, every morning, make a French press pot of coffee. Well, none of the burners would heat up on the stove, which meant no breakfast for G and also no coffee for me, ugh.

So I called my mom and we headed out there for breakfast. I of course was thinking that the whole thing was about the stove breaking so I brought the manual for the stove out with me to give to Dad. Turns out, the power for 220v and up was messed up from the storm, but lights etc would work.

Dad fixed G and me breakfast, and we visited with my aunt visiting from FL a bit. Then Dad started getting his flashlight etc to come fix the stove which meant G and I had to go home so I could clean up the stuff on the stove and the area around it.

I failed to communicate to G that the plan was not to stay at grammie's all day but to actually leave when Dad did so we could be there while he fixed the stove. She got very upset because she wanted to stay at my mom's. She was dragging her feet about leaving which stressed me out too. Then she promptly fell apart in the car.

By the time we got home however, the power was back off at the house and the power trucks were working on the problem. So I just sent G back with dad, and I will finish the laundry and get gas/groceries by myself. In G's perfect world all of her people would be together all the time. The minute she leaves one she already misses them.

I believe there may be time for a little nap since I was waking up most of the night wondering when the power would come back on. It was out from 9:30ish to 6am and then not fully. I worried about the freezer and fridge stuffs so I am quite tired really.


The Byrd's Nest said...

Our little ones have lost so much that even though in their minds they know they will see those people again...they just can't stand the thought of "leaving" them again. We know this well.....part of the reason we came back "home". God bless their little hearts. I pray you have a good week my friend:)

Vivian M said...

Oy, hope the power comes back on soon and that Miss G feels better. You too!