Monday, September 03, 2012

Labor Day Birthdays

G and I are in a heated game of uno on the Kindle Fire. She is so very competative and sometimes cheats. For my birthday (aged 42) G let me sleep until 9:26am (which is when my back started hurting and my dreams started being really weird) and I awoke on my own.

Then I opened two birthday cards from my mother and sister. Very kind of them to include gas money for the next 2 weeks, and I am being very serious.

Then I called my mom to see if she wished to ride over to the big city to find G some seaweed snack. We found some, much to G's delight!! Then we headed to a coffee shop that used to give free coffee's for birthdays but it was closed on Labor Day.

We tried to go to a karate import place that was closed and an army supply that was closed and drove by pier's won (deliberately misspelled) who though open with clearance but the parking lot had 4 cars only. Most restaurants were closed or extremely not busy at lunch time. The thing that struck me most and of course we weren't near a mall but it seems to me when I was younger there were ginormous sales on Labor Day, a big shopping day if I remember correctly. I suppose with all the hope and change going on, no one can afford to spend money and small shops can't afford to be open on a federal holiday!

It was nice to hang out with my daughter and mom. G has her tickle box turned over for this Uno game. She may be the uno champion in her class, I am the uno champion of the HOUSE, heh.

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Vivian M said...

Happy birthday!!!! So you are UNO champions, eh? We shall see who is the champion if we ever get to play together! (smirk)