Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Sunshine Is Coming Out at Work

We had exclusive training today on the computer based system. The whole system was set up and we all were trained very poorly, me being the last one in even more poorly by the others there.

Intuitively I just knew the system is being used so less smart than it could be and I was right. The OM who was fired recently helped set the system up and trained everyone to do everything, well, wrong. Bad practice begets bad practices and we have lots of bad practices.

Fixing it though is definitely causing lots of blocks of cheese to be moved for the ones who have been there longer than I. You could tell by the questions and rolling of eyes that change is not in their vocabulary. I am so jazzed that there will be cross training and accountability and recommendation to link all the client accounts because to have two accounts is just stupid. Oh and we will have access to things we haven't before and real usernames and passwords and access!!

Incredibly stupid way to run a billing office currently but things haven't been changeable since OM left. And it really isn't anyone's fault except for the lack of challenging the system as it is. The consultant had to come in and show everybody as if new again which is oh so lovely. Seriously we have been set up to fail and now we may truly have a shot.

We even get to spend an hour with her to go over the system. I finally felt that I really can take responsibility for working claims that have been rejected without stepping on toes. I have been working on egg shells since before Labor Day and no more, I feel that this training will go far.

I may have to look into getting the coding certificate. Cost however is a very prohibitive thing.

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Vivian M said...

Yay!!! I hate when organizations suffer from "The Peter Principle". It never ceases to amaze me how one (incapable) person in charge can cause so much havoc to everyone else.
Maybe once you have been there awhile, the company might offer to help pay for the certificate?